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Good Lt

The low patriotism of 18-19 years olds could be partially explained by the fact that most of them are attending colleges.

I would also venture to guess that few of them have much experience with a) money, b) work, c) financial responsibilities [bills, loans, etc.], and d) interaction with the so-called the "real world." D is an intangible, but none-the-less relevant.



Good Lt,

I hope that it is a temporary phase that passes by the time they hit 28 or so.

If the public schools and anti-US media have caused permanent opinions to be formed, then this nation has a gloomy future..

Philip Cassini

Anti-Americanism is a college phase. It passes. It certainly did in my case. People have to learn how to critique before they learn how difficult it is to build.



Most children born today are hispanic. The demographic shift refects that 10% of Mexican now live in the US and want children born here.

The commitment to being Patriotic and loyal to the US is in danger.


Why can't legal immigrant and native born Mexican-Americans be patriotic for the US? All the other immigrants from Europe were staunchly patriotic. Are Mexicans incapable of assimilating into this country?

The vast population of Mexicans living in the US are economic migrants not political. They wire money back to Mexico to support their families where their hearts and loyalties are. They do not settle here to find a new way, an American way, of life.

Their loyalties and patriotism are to their families in Mexico and to the country that they come from.



They do not choose to be Patriotic to the US.

The Nation of Aztlán is an anti-Semitic, Hispanic nationalist and separatist organization headquartered in Whittier, California, United States. Its platform states that United States must cede the part of the U.S. which was originally in Mexico and which it calls "Aztlan territory" in order to form an independent nation. It is accused of being a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center; the SPLC and the Anti-Defamation League describe the group as antisemitic. The ADL also claims that La Voz de Aztlán preaches homophobia and holocaust denial. Others critize the group for their overall promotion of ethnic separatism.

La Voz de Aztlán ("The Voice of Aztlán") is the webzine of the Nation of Aztlán. Its point of view clearly wants the independence of Aztlán, their name for the region added to the US by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, ending the Mexican-American war, which consists of Texas, California, Utah, Nevada, and parts of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, & Wyoming.

The group's founder, editor, and current leader is Hector Carreon, a trained engineer and former member of the original Brown Berets. Other staff writers include Miroslava Flores and Ernesto Cienfuegos. La Voz de Aztlán was rumored to have ties with the similarly pro-Chicano group MEChA.

The current mayor of Los Angeles was a Mecha leader.


Loyalty to US - NOT

Founded in the late 1960s, MEChA has spent the last three decades indoctrinating Latino students on American campuses in the ideology of reconquista (reconquest). According to MEChA propaganda, the Southwestern United States — including California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, as well as parts of Nevada, Utah, and Colorado — sits on the territory of the ancient (and mythical) "Nation of Aztlan." Supposedly the cradle of Aztec civilization, MEChA charges that Aztlan was unjustly seized by the United States following the Mexican-American War. Now MEChA wants this territory given back to its alleged rightful owners: the people and government of Mexico.


California Lt Gov Bustamonte who ran in the last election for Governor was a member of MeCha.


I agree with jeffolie.

While Cubans and to some extent Puerto Ricans are patriotic to the US, many of the illegal Mexicans are not.

That being said, MeCHa and La Raza are not something I lose any sleep over. If CA, AZ, NM, and NV went to Mexico, the illegal Mexicans would lose the very thing they came to the US for : the US minimum wage. Other Mexicans alone will prevent MeCHa and La Raza from getting anywhere.

I doubt they could even purge South Central L.A. of the Crips and the Bloods. Let's see them do that as a first step, before they are worthy of even discussing.

Don't worry about these idiots. Worry about Al-Qaeda and the fifth-column that helps them. They are the ones with a much greater probability of ruining our lives.


The vast population of Mexicans living in the US are economic migrants not political.

So were the vast majority of immigrants from Europe.

William C. Thomas

The Mexicans as a general rule here in San Antonio are extremly Racist against blacks also

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