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Gang of One


I usually stand in background reading your articles and delighting in the way you eviscerate the opposition. However, today I just want to extend my deepest concerns and let you know that your relates and all of India will be in my prayers.


Gang of One,

Thanks for your kind words. As far as I can tell, no one I know was hurt (150 is a statistically small number for Mumbai, where 5 million use the trains daily), but terror is just about the worst way to die - to die at the hands of the worst, most deranged members of the human race... Far worse than dying in a traffic accident.


I haven't heard from mom/dad yet, but as far as I know no one was hurt either.

The first bomb in the series was set off in Matunga, though, I think.

Why hasn't the culprit terrorist group claimed credit yet, btw?


By the way, for those interested in seeing a debate with the opposition, check out my exchanges with 'TP' over here. Good material that can be used against many 'leftists'.

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