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James from Pittsburgh

Hey, hope everything goes well. Good luck to you. I look forward to reading your posts when you return.



Thanks for your encouragement.


Writing a book is a very good idea...you certainly have the materials and writing skills to produce a good one. GL with that and keep on persevering if it gets rejected the first few times.


Good luck
Thanks for all the hard work here on this website

Would enjoy meeting you next time you are in the NY area. (you may already be here!)

Please e mail me.



Your posts are always excellent. When you come back I am sure that you will be charged-up and ready to disperse what you have learned in the next two months.

Jason Nichols

Hiatus!? What kind of hippy-english-professor crap is that? How can I look smart in front of my friends if I can’t repeat your ideas as if they were mine?

Get back to work!


Good luck, I hope all goes well with you. My co-workers and I have been following your articles closely, as they have created a lot of good conversations and debates. Look forward to hearing your ideas :-)


Saul Wall

I will be looking forward to your return. Good luck for now.


If you need you need the time off that's fine. I'll just be sure to hold it against in the new year with extra, extra posts! ;-p


Now that's sad. You should try to be back as soon as possible..

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