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Although it starts by discussing how holocaust guilt is hurting Europe, if you follow the links there's a good basic background on the state of Anti-Americanism and how Socialists, Anti-Semites and Islamic Fascists have come together due to their shared hatred of America. The meme of "idiotarianism" seems to be catching on. Here's a good example.


Katzman mostly links to other bloggers but doesn't provide solid information to actually test the destructive demographic trends alluded to in the article. If there are figures, I could not find them at least (one of the other bloggers carried out a strange but very superficial "analysis" based on WW II "victimhood" but that's it).

To give an example, it is certainly true that native Western Europeans have fewer children than Islamic immigrants from the Middle East, but what are the actual FIGURES for France, Britain, Germany etc. vs. Muslim immigrants? Does anyone know if there is a good facts'n'figures article out there which contains the things I am looking for?

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Dimitar Vesselinov

Who's afraid of the New Europe?
How off-shoring and tax competition will change the
economic and political landscape of Europe

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