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the us is not about to become hispanic, and the EU is not about to become muslim. Yes, there are a lot of both ethnicities/cultural blocs in both areas, but we seem to forget that the same could've been said about the Irish and Germans in nineteenth century america. we ignore the powers of assimilation; these muslims are not travelling to europe because they're muslim radicals, theyre travelling because they're looking for economic futures, and/or are running away from religious/ political oppression at home.
Second point: i'm noticing a lot of strawmen arguments, pretending that just because one is not a GOP or tea party member, one is apparently a socialist. I just wanna make one thing clear: the Democrats are not a socialist party, tax cuts do not always work, and that both the majority of GOP and the Dems believe in American liberties; they just disagree on how to maintain this.

Karan Bhatia

Superpower? America is rich but Americans are poor. The money projected in statistics belongs to Israel. Americans don't even control their own government, it is run by bodies like AIPAC. When the revolution comes and Israel is destroyed for all the evil it is doing, then all the false statistics related to the wealth of America will also get buried along with the Israelis.

The Futurist


Why would a Hindu Indian like you be so obsessed with Israel?

America has great wealth. Your first statement is a memorized cliche that is illogical.

Rufus Fields

This claim seems a bit overdone: "From the telephone and airplane over a century ago, America has been the engine of almost all technological progress."

Most of the great inventions of the 20th century have come from Germany, which until 1965 had more science Nobel Prizes than any other nation including the US.

And as of 2008, the EU still had the GDP of US and China combined.

The Futurist


The EU is not a country. Why did people ever think it is?

The EU is a collection of 27 countries. It does not have a single leader, who commands a pan-EU military, and does not even use a single currency across all 27 countries.


Very good article. Times are changing, China is passed its 10% increase days. I remember all the hype in the 80's about Japan surpassing the US, The same thing is happening with China. If America continues on the same path we will continue to be the worlds light of innovation and invention like we have been for the last century. We do need reform though, wasteful spending and a corrupt congress will bring us down. We need to pull out of Afghanistan and focus on problems here at home like a declining infastructure. I have the utmost comfidence in the United States to remain the one and only superpower.

BTW Sean you are an uneducated big mouth dumbass

Go Futurist

[Thanks! And 'remain' fixed. - The Futurist]


US and China-who will win?

-A relatively stable uncorrupt government (for the most part).
But polarized domestic politics,. political leaders bicker over everything they can possibly bicker over,corrupted by lobbyists,bureaucracy and inefficiency.

-A highly proficient military that will be matched in effectiveness as the Chinese at their peak.
But military overextension and moral failure

-alarming” deficits(trade and budget), sluggish economic recovery
But business leaders enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else,
infrastructure crumbles, educational system deteriorates and failure to embrace new technologies like high-speed rail

-A slightly happier”upper” and “underclass”.(in comparison to China)
But middle class stagnation and a widening gap in personal income.

-Demographic Stability
-Environmental protection that is fairly good.
-US most powerful weapon: its soft power,best educated and most creative population on earth

There are currently two groups of Chinese intellectuals
Some Chinese intellectuals(the glass is half empty gr) do see the following pending problems:
-Corrupt politicised bureaucrats.
-Demographic disaster in the next 10-20 years.
-environmental degradation (Desertification, urbanization, higher dependence on foreign oil)
-Rebellious and resentful underclass that results in social instability.

Other Chinese intellectuals(the glass is half full gr) are looking at the following bright prospects:
-China to be No.(1)in GDP.
-China to become the world No.(1) super power.
-The sheer size of the Chinese economy and its dynamism which is missing in USA and EU.
-Many positive factors such as China graduate more engineers every year than are in the entire US workforce,other achievements in defence,space,R&D,etc
-The “average” Chinese citizen views US as not trustworthy, a threat to China and a threat to world peace, and declining in military and economic power.


With respect. Your article is great.
Being a Chinese,I can clearly see you have strong negative sentiment on China.
There are few points, we can point out that aren't necessary true:
1: piracy in media.
Most people pirating american movies either don't have the money to pay for it. Or the paying is difficult to do so. We don't really have many online paying methods. And for those who watching it, most of them want to learn english. The effects are great in most movies, but we don't really rate them as top movies, because the culture differences. Sometimes These movies just don't make sense to us.
2: top universities and innovations.
For most developing countries, they don't have the ability to produce or innovate new things. They have to copy first like USA did back in history. A country has to reach a point to have the ability to really inovate.(Maybe when all the people are assured to have a decent living.)
3: land on the moon.
No offense, from what I heard, the usa DIDN'T land on the moon in 1969. Just google apollo scam. As you mention in your article, USSR had been ahead in space program in 1960s. But what made you really think that USA could suddenly caught up and even passed USSR in less than 10 years? Thank about the difference between technology 50 years ago and now(ie, computing power). NO A SINGLE COUNTRY has been able to put a man on the moon besides USA. was usa really that advanced back in 1969? (You know, hollywood makes great movies, so it's not hard to fake it).


Very thoughful & genuine article. I am an Indian & I love America even though I am never been there. I know thats not rational, but I think thats what writer is trying to say. The mass influence over the world populus. nevertheless surely USA is gonna be dominating power protecting its interest for many years to come. I agree, & FYI for Indians , try to respect women, stop killing girl foetus & then talk about becoming super power.


Why would China even attack the US? That would be downright stupid. Not only would that ruin their economy, but we all know America is too full of pride to go down without sending a few nukes their way. China knows this as well. Besides, Britain would get involved and etc. and it's just another WW3 discussion.

Hildergarde Hammhocker

I know very closely two chinese guys in their early 30's wh live here ( Australia _ I am a white anglo (Australian 8th Geneartaion) These chinese guys have both been away in China for about 12 months and only recently came back to Australia. They both say they don't want to go back there. They say it is corrupt and dangerous if you are an individual. One has his wife there ( she has NEVER been out of China ) and a 18th month old baby boy. He says that he will bring them BOTH to Australia as he does not want the boy bought up in China. He says, about Australia, great people, nice weahter, good prospects - democracy and freedom - what more could you want? These are HIS words, not mine.

jjoel malala ,,Bondo univ,

Yes,,,while China is intending to be ahead of US in the near future,the still world superpower is also determining to remain at the peak under there stable leadership...congratulation India for your steady determinarion,,,
(Joel sheunda )

F*ck china

Fucking hell. This forum is obviously dead now but 15 years later,the Chinese economy is a sh*toon large and thanks to Democrats, we only grow at 2% while china is at 7%

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