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Saw an interesting factoid somewhere that the percent increase in America's economy (GDP) last year was equal to China's entire existing economy.

The next 5 years will be a perfect real-world experiment in which political system is best. 7 countries with widely varying amounts of economic freedom are currently almost equal. It will be very interesting to compare them in 5 years.

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What are those 7 countries?


The first 7 in the chart, from SKor to HK.


TO usnjay

You may made a mistake. The entire GDP of US is 8 times of that of China (in terms of market value USD). 1% US GDP is the totla growth of China's whole growth (suppose China grows 8%)


Read it.

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I agree. In 5 more years things could be very different. I think the SWF and BRIC trends are going to be affecting all of this as well.

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I wonder if China's stock market capitalization takes into account both the "H" shares sold in Hong Kong and the "A" shares sold domestically?

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I am not sure that stock markets will ever accurately reflect the GDP of a country. So much is based on corporate profits as a share of GDP and growth trends.

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The size of the stock markets in my opinion depends on how much capital formation takes place through them. In US, stock markets play a major role in IPOs and capital formation whereas in China and other countries stock markets are primarily used for speculation and not much for capital formation. Most of the financing in these countries takes place through banks. I maybe wrong but this is my analysis.


China now has equity markets m-cap (excluding hong kong)of 2.74 trillion and India has m-cap of 2.1 trillion.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stock_exchange

Table: Twenty Major Stock Exchanges In The World: Market Capitalization & Year-to-date Total Turnover at the end of August 2009

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