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The willingness of a nation's people to sustain war deaths is directly related to importance they place on the conflict and the wisdom of the war's leadership. A war of no vital national interests being led by nitwits is simply not worth the investment a whole lot of patriotic blood.

Any technology that saves lives is positive, but I would also like us to choose our conflicts more wisely.


In general, yes, almost everyone would agree.

For example, I don't think it is worth even one US life to intervene in Darfur, Rwanda, or Somalia. I also don't think North Korea is enough of a threat to justify a US invasion. The countries nearer to there have more skin in the game than we do.

However, things are trending in a way that may leave us no choice but a full-scale invasion of Iran. Many analysts say this would cost 4000 US casualties in 2 years, now that our military is much more experienced from our Iraq operations. If innovations such as this one reduce the 4000 to 2000, that makes the equation that much easier.

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