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We're getting closer and closer to seeing the Star Trek 'holodeck' become a reality. Medical and military training will benefit greatly from this advancement. But when some form of it is inevitably used for entertainment, several interesting questions arise. For example, is it really cheating if the woman/man you are 'intimate' with is virtual?


Can virtual porn be far away?



I'd say that visually realistic, interactive porn will be commercially available by 2012. But this will not have haptic/tactile capabilities.

By 2020, immersive VR and Haptic technologies will make it compellingly realistic. The massive market demand will make innovation rapid.

See item 4) here, and envision the graphical progress trajectory here.


JoePike - you raise an interesting point. They actually briefly showed this concept in the movie AI (which went to hell after about the first hour (which is when Kubrick died and Speilberg took over), but raised many subtly interesting points like yours nonetheless).

My personal opinion is that yes, it would still be considered cheating as the emotional/sexual desire driving the person to be intimate with a virtual mistress/lover would still be present, which is what constitutes an act as 'cheating' in my opinion.

Alternatively, one might argue that if these VR people only offer visual, audio and tactile VR, but not emotional/personality AI, then they are essentially the VR equivalent of prostitutes. Which is still cheating.

Crazy stuff, though.

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