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Assistant Village Idiot

Time for another post, mate, even if it's just to let us know you're still up and taking nourishment.

On behalf of GK

Haha AVI,

I am the Futurist's sister, so can personally vouch that he's def up and taking nourishment... he just had to leave the country on business on short notice. But we will hear from him soon enough, don't worry.

GK - thankfully I do have access to this and other sites from Shanghai. Only 4 TV channels though.



Thanks for asking. I am on a business trip across many countries at the moment, and have been struggling to finish a half-written post that I have. For some reason, writing well from a hotel room while living out of a suitcase is surprisingly hard.

I do owe 2-3 good posts to catch up for lost time.


Wow owesome thats great idea to the other business man, or make much better.

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