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Hi. I think you mean precision instead of accuracy.

Bingo Bango Boingo


It would be better to say "the US is ahead of all other OECD countries taken as a whole". This sounds a little more accurate as there are 6 or 7 OECD countries which are ahead of the US.



Wait! This isn't the world the mainstream media has been telling me about... and they wouldn't lie to me... would they?


What are the grey areas that are seen in on both maps? They appear to be maybe Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan - maybe - but there are dibs and dabs of other grey areas all over both maps. Would those maybe be countries so heavily into war that their economy, development or lifestyle can't be judged?

Poor little orange Haiti.



Haiti is actually a solid red in the first map. The only country in the Western Hemi to be Africa-poor.

Gray areas have unreliable data. This certainly means they don't have a high score, but are not necessarily at the very bottom. Iraq's per capita income is nowhere near as bad as, say, Haiti.


Love your blog. This post shows all of the blog's strengths: you take a world-wide view and not assume that western Europe is the world; you are an optimist not because you are a fool but because the historical evidence for optimism is right there in front of you; and above all you recognize that technological development AND entrepreneurship together engender accelerating progress. One thing you point out, however, and I agree with you, is that the US is losing ground relative to countries like India and China. I fear that is because too many Americans are becoming like western Europeans. Your blog should be required reading for US elites.


This is very good teaching material. Thanks.


Nice post. I agree with outhers here that this kind of info is what you do best.

However, I'm a little curious as to why you have done no blogging about Iraq and the US elections lately. Are you still optimistic about an Iraqi victory? Are you still certain it is only left-wing defeatists who are pessimistic about Iraq? What do you say now of Bush's Iraq policy, his implementation, his competency, etc.? I know we've had some harsh exchanges about these issues, and I don't want to scream "I told you so", but it would be interesting to know if your views have evolved in this area or not? What of the intense criticism Bush has come under from conservative quarters, something I tried to tell you about but which you were deaf to?

Anyway, don't you owe your readers some comments about all this? Maybe not, but it would still be interesting to know if you are still under the spell, or if you are waking up to the nasty truth about these guys.

charlotte vale

Iraq and Afghanistan - maybe - but there are dibs and dabs of other grey areas all over both maps

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