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Saul Wall

From what little I know about the semantic web concept it sounds like it should be very useful as long as it does not make the process of authoring content too much harder. What might be a useful complimentary technology would be tools that use language analysis techniques to automatically create content. I have worked at many places where it seems that there are hundreds of unwritten answers to unasked questions that each new employee needs to ask a supervisor about constantly as they gain experience. Just when an employee gets up to speed they seem to get hired away or transfered so that all their acquired knowledge walks away with them. I can remember asking supervisors questions only to be told that I would need to call up someone in a different department who did the job ten years ago. If computers could listen to conversations, categorize problems in a semantic database and remember solutions, providing them in response to verbal inquiry, then even new employees would have access to years worth of knowledge without having to worry that the manager is out to lunch when a client or customer needs an answer immediately (or at least thinks they need it immediately).


So does this mean research will just be done faster? How will this affect me the average guy eventually?

Harsh V

Excellent point Saul Wall.

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