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Saul Wall

I read somewhere recently that only about 12% of US homes are energy efficient so dealing with that could help decrease the oil and coal used. I don't know if it is just the age of many homes and apartments or maybe that the technology of air conditioning has only been cheap enough in recent decades to make insulation important in the south but whatever the cause, there seems to be a lot of potential energy savings available.

I recently heard of a paint additive that contains tiny hollow spheres so that the paint (it changes the color by one shade) or the primer can improve the insulation value for the wall it is applied to. There was also a piece on the Discovery Channel's Daily Planet where some company had developed a means of getting the grease out of the hot air going into restaurant stove vents so that the cleaner warm air could be used to heat incoming air without the grease condensing inside and clogging the system which had been a problem with previous attempts to recapture restaurant vent heat.

I would suspect that there are a lot of places where energy can be saved in residential, commercial and industrial settings that are not currently being taken advantage of for various reasons. Many of these savings could be obtained with little or no negative impact on our quality of life.


Solar panels are so last century.

There is already roofing material made of flexible photovoltaic material and I just saw a story last week about photovoltaic paint.

Also saw a story about photovoltaic glass.

No more panels.

The entire house and the fence and driveway will all produce electricty and that technology is already here now.


Oh, almost forgot, there is very promising research into biovoltaic technologies.

Perhaps the lawn will also generate power.


At last we agree on a technology with an effective, efficient application - solar.

Solar has been a long time developing and the industry is climbing a steep learning curve. I am very encouraged.

Great post thread, thank you.


Saul Wall,

The paint additive is interesting. I hope it becomes a reality. That would enable a lot of older houses to get with the program.


None of those fantastic technologies are going to be available to average consumers before 2025.


I still think solar will not be more than 10% of US electricity consumption by 2020, but that is 10% off of a larger usage base from plug-in hybrid use, which itself would have resulted in petroleum consumption.

Nortius Maximus

I call shenanigans on that DoE curve. Notice the downward inflection in the dotted-line parts? Wonder how they came up with that? I sure do. Notice also that it's labeled "costs to consumer" -- not total cost, nor total cost factoring in pollution and carbon credits. Take this projection cum grano salis.


With 30% rebate given by the federal govt plus other local rebate which are valid until 2016 I believe more people will substitute some fractions of their grid electricity by solar electricity. It is not about fully conversion of the system, even 10 to 15% energy substitution will give great impact on the fossil fuel consumption if all of us takes part in utilizing this green energy.

Theo @ DIYHomeSolarPanels.org

I built my own solar panels which saved me thousands of dollars and it was no way near has hard as you may think. It is deffinatley an option for people who do not want to pay the hefty price tags which most solar panel manufacturers charge.

Used Solar Panels

I am glad you took the time to post this facts, thank you!

I am so glad there are other individuals out there who see the importance of renewable energy! I've generally been a large fan. I try to complete my small part and use renewable energy in my residence. Hopefully additional persons will come around in time, sooner the much better! I live in California and we have panels up for the roof for solar power, operates great!

chanel 2.55

I call shenanigans on that DoE curve. Notice the downward inflection in the dotted-line parts? Wonder how they came up with that? I sure do. Notice also that it's labeled "costs to consumer" -- not total cost, nor total cost factoring in pollution and carbon credits. Take this projection cum grano salis.

Avis Brunswick

If there would be an increase in solar energy usage, then we can increase the chances of restoring our planet - our home. Green roofing is one of the best ways to ease global warming because:

1.Using solar energy can help lessen the heat that is trapped in our atmosphere.
2.Plants on our roof can help cool our planet.

These two can balance the humidity in our planet and ease the inconvenient warmth that we are feeling these days.

Sean Carter

We live in a world where the cost of something is very important. I can easily see solar power becoming a dominant force if becomes cheaper than traditional energy. I have had residential solar power systems in my home for awhile and they have been working great. I feel the technology is already great and only getting better.


I am convinces that solar energy is the energy of the future. Sun will always be with us, and in case it disappears, humanity will disappear either. Solar energy costs nothing! Of course, equipment cost a lot, but as we can clearly see on the graph it decreases in time, and initial investments pay off. I and my colleagues from pinkelstar uk essay writing service conduct really interesting research about the cost of solar energy, and this information is extremely useful! Thank you so much for sharing.

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