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Saul Wall

Clinton supporters will just ignore this and chant "Halliburton" over and over again. If Clintonians were the kind to be put of by a little corruption the gruesome twosome would have dropped of the map years ago. And besides, the main issue here is not that some contributions were illegal it is that they seem to put these Democrats in the pocket of the Chinese communists which in their political base is not such a bad thing. It might even make the Marxists forgive them for Bill's free trade deals.

Saul Wall

This post was just an excuse to use that cool picture of Harry Reid wasn't it.



Hmm.. perhaps Gollum as Dennis Kucinnich, saying "My....prehsuious" could add another angle.


Hillary Clinton returns 850,000 dollars collected by fugitive

11 September 2007

WASHINGTON - Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is to return 850,000 dollars in campaign funds collected by a Hong Kong businessman detained on fraud charges, her office said Tuesday.

Norman Hsu surrendered to police on August 31 having been on the run from Californian authorities since 1992, after he failed to show up at a hearing into fraud charges against him.

Hsu, a naturalized US citizen who originates from Hong Kong, had helped to collect thousands of dollars at state and federal level for Clinton’s campaign coffers since 2003.

His name recently appeared on the list of the Democratic Party’s 20 top donors and several Democratic party politicians, including Clinton and her nearest rival for the 2008 nomination, Barack Obama, have said they would either return the money he collected or give it to charity.


Tushar D

Dennis Kucinich? No way! Gollum and James Carville are the same thing.


You sure had your way with anagrams there. :-) Good post.

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