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I am not sure if it fits into the realm of nano healing persay, but the US army (not to mention several others) have a bandage out that uses some kind of compound that hardens on contact. It is used to stop major arterial bleeding only. I will look into it further for you, but I believe that it uses an advanced string of proteins and peptides that hardens instantly when it somes into contact with human blood.
BTW- As all this is occuring on the celular level, it cannot be labled as nanohealing. Nano healing would imply that a nano sized device would attach itself to the affected area, and repair the damage to the cell walls themselves.
Very interesting concept, and I hope that it comes into fruition.


would there be any way to alter the human dna to make blood clotting more effective, and more instantanious?



That would be undesirable, as too much clotting is a primary cause of artery blockage, leading to heart attacks and strokes.

Blood thinners are one of the primary medications for people with heart attack and stroke risk.

A material that seals wounds quickly when they occur is the optimal solution.

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Thanks for posting.The natural breakdown may be related to the fact that, although the peptide is synthetic, its amino acid constituents are found naturally in the body.

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