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I am sure that by now you have noticed the market taking its hits. I am not saying that it is a crisis, because it really isn't yet, and yes I do believe it will recover.
I will add that I am remaining liquid as a fish for awhile, until I am sure I can get into a few positions at a better price. People like you and I know that the we can still make a profit on this, and are actually thrilled to see the market getting pummeled. It gives us the oppurtunity to either lower our price average, or just pick up good stocks for a highly discounted price. Then by the time people start seeing the recovery and start buying again, they will have missed the sweet spot. So I will remain liqiuid for probably at least another week or so. Once I buy what it is I have my eyes on, I will tell you what the position is, and then I will have a rec for you. That should still be enough time for you to get in with a 2K testline to check it out. My goal for the short term hold will be 250-350%.


Where is your 2008 portfolio results?

Claudia Bradby

Would be interested to know how this turned out, as we are coming to the end of 2010.

Ray Manta

Please contact me at otc1h@hostlaba.com.

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