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Many of the links in this are broken... or lead to questionable websites.


A follow up article in 2020 would be cool.

Frank Johnson

I was laid off due to the oil price crash of 2015. I knew a salesman who sold repair services to the company I worked for, and he got laid off within 6 weeks after I did. He was active in his church. He was active in the Home Owners Association and city government. He was involved with his kids after school activities i.e. soccer for the girls, baseball and football for the boys. He had 5 children and was married for close to 10 years. 5 months into his layoff, his wife field for divorce. He eventually found work after 8 months of searching. His wife stayed with him as long as the checks came cleared, then dumped him when they stopped, just as predicted in this article.


Although I disagreed with some of the hyperbole, and some of the more dire predictions for the next decade haven't panned out nearly as dramatically as predicted, this is a deep, fantastic, well-thought-out article with many brilliant points and should be required red-pill reading for the newly-awakened self-governing renaissance man. Perhaps a re-visit and re-assessment of the situation and predictions is in order now that 2018 is upon us and most of the 201x decade is behind us.

M. Simon

Another thing that will help pop the misandry bubble is the children of divorce. They hate it.


Children of divorce usually follow in the footsteps of their parents. Mom did it so it must be ok. Yes dear if you're not happy leave. Well happiness isnt some constant state you're always in. In that moment you might be happy but it is forever fleeting.

Paul Herbig



So here is my (belated) prophecy on the subject :

Misandry is not a bubble. It is here to stay so long as women have a biological monopoly to reproduction. It will stay until men and technology find ways to reproduce without women. It may not be long, but still looks at least a few decades away.

Women have always had the monopoly in reproduction, however for most of humanity's historical existence men compensated by providing many of the essential things women alone had no time to provide to the family, in that more limited world of dubious survival. Like protection, food, shelter. With technological advancement increasing human efficiency manyfold, women can now procure these things themselves. Men became mostly redundant.

Utility makes morals, so the reality of female superiority (reproduction monopoly) and self sufficiency is taking ethics in the direction where men must become subservient to women, for now.

Sure women who have the help of a male still have some advantage in being able to raise children, even in our era, but not nearly as much as they did throughout human history, and that advantage is shrinking further with every passing year.

Technology enabling women to procure themselves goods for which in the past they had to rely on men, upset the age old equilibrium of the genders and resulted in the significant effective female supremacy we have today. That is why the age old compromise between the genders came to a rather sudden end in the past hundred years or so. Males are indeed becoming increasingly redundant, and that is often explicitly stated in feminist viewpoints. The current female supremacy order will be upset again, but only when technology finally enables men to reproduce independently of women.

Bioethicists and other do gooders will try to ban the new female bypassing reproductive technology -- but good luck keeping that genie in the bottle when it arrives. The stakes will be so high that initially desperate men will go to the ends of the earth to achieve them, and arm themselves with nukes or other futuristic weapons to secure their space in reproducing without female involvement. Then bioethicists and other opponents of independent male reproduction would have to go into a high stakes war to try to stop it, at which point they will abandon their quest (like nobody is going to go to war with China today to eliminate that form of totalitarianism, no matter how much self righteous do gooders vilify it).

So, what technologies will enable men to reproduce independently of women? Animals bioengineered to act as surrogate wombs (pigs first come to mind) seem to be somewhere in the horizon. Then perhaps some other biological/mechanical or hybrid machine comes to mind. Who knows perhaps even non-flesh reproduction may play a role sometime in the not so distant future, but these scenarios are too far off past the horizon for us to have much intuition in our present day. Most likely disruptors that are completely behind our current imagination will materialize and play a significant role.

So, in summary, misandry will not only stay, but actually intensify in the short to medium term before the female bypassing male reproduction technology quickly changes the equilibrium again. Eventually genders will become obsolete as biological reproduction will fade away.

Broadly speaking men don't need to be able to bring into the world biological life to reverse their current declining relevance. All they need to be able to do is create new intelligence. That intelligence could very well be genderless.

The Futurist


You are partly correct, but still assume that reproduction is the primary activity of women these days. While all reproduction is dependent on women, it is very far from their primary activity. See the section 'The Fabric of Humanity Will Tear' above.

Most young women feel that they can be courted for 20 years, and then finally marry at age 35 despite having had 20+ sexual partners and being at the very end of their fertility window. Women only use 10-20% of their reproductive capacity, with many women using zero.

Hence, they are treated as though funneling resources to women correlates exactly to the survival of children, but that is far from being true anymore. The resources that are forcibly transferred from men to women for the most part go exclusively towards the most gratuitous and tacky forms of conspicuous consumption.

That is why the disruption is much sooner. VR Sex, as described in the article, is on track for 2020, and will dramatically reduce the sexual market value (SMV) of most women. The reproductive value of women is not changed, but most women have chosen to make themselves far less useful in that regard already, unwillingly making their importance in modern society far more disruptable by a much more imminent technology.



Thanks for the insightful and eloquent reply.

I think that women being the only gateway to reproduction -- in spite of it no longer being their primary activity -- makes women even more powerful, and men even more redundant (for now). In summary, women can now control men with only a portion of their total vitality.

From a utilitarian and survival standpoint (all that matters indeed in the end) the sexual aspect of women is non essential and, as you say, likely to become obsolete by more imminent technologies. As a matter of fact, men have already partially adapted to this new sexual reality. In my view the relatively recent explosion of homosexuality is exactly an adaptation to this reality. Rather than date women uninterested in reproduction many men have adapted into homosexuality, as a less natural but also less perilous choice (financially) . The narratives that lead many men to homosexuality are different and varied but, in my view, this is the fundamental force: The perilous relationship with post feminist women who are not interested in reproduction. Men have also adapted to the changing sexuality aspect by being lazier. So the number of couples where the woman out-earns the man is increasing. In such a relationship, with no children, men have little to lose, and women tend to be generally unhappy.

By the way, I agree with you that this systemically dampened male ambition is a serious drag to economic growth, and is perhaps one more reason why the US can no longer match the average world economic growth trendline -- an arithmetically deterministic path to decline.

Many women get desperate as their biological clocks approach midnight and they compromise getting married to men inferior to their better past dates, in typically short lived marriages. The marriages are short because after a few years women cannot stand the compromise they made, especially if they fail to have children in their biologically belated marriages, at which point their husbands themselves may also leave the marriage to get the chance to reproduce with someone else.

Again, my main point is that child bearing and female reproduction monopoly is the essential current reality that cannot be bypassed. And an entire misandry culture can be constructed on that limitation alone -- for now.

The Futurist


In summary, women can now control men with only a portion of their total vitality.

But in the process, women have proven themselves to be completely useless for any purpose outside of reproduction and romance. Very few women do any useful work in the workforce, and they are greatly outnumbered by those with negative productivity.

Since this is a resource misallocation (like, say, OPEC was), technology finds a way around it. Your point about reproductive technologies is one, but since the modern woman is just a casual slut, VR Sex suddenly becomes a technology that makes her obsolete. She can only regain value by becoming a good wife and mother.

If a man decides to forego reproduction, and instead chooses to cycle through many sluts in a 'pump and dump' manner, and then use VR Sex to force higher standards from women who do nothing other than fornicate, the power of women goes down.

Birth rates are plunging worldwide. Some of this is because men decide that modern women are not worth it.

M. Simon

The feminists have started eating their own based on LGBT issues.


M. Simon

If a man decides to forego reproduction, and instead chooses to cycle through many sluts in a 'pump and dump' manner,......

The Futurist | July 23, 2018 at 05:29 PM

And then one of them decides she is not letting go no matter what.

It happens.


A follow up on sex bots/VR porn would be a good article, should the author agree.

Porn has certainly grown in spread since this article was written in 2010, and generally for the worse with addiction and medical issues. It for one ld to the NOFAP movement, which has overlap with the MGTOW/Redpill movement.

Either way, awareness of misandry is now huge

Less than 18 months to go, lets see


Yes, Warfare has been a near constant feature of human society before the modern era, we should not look people that way.

Deep questions

Yes, it seems like that the American society is declining, but if you see it on overall manner America is going great! The question that arises is, why we are thinking that way? We should concentrate on building stronger relationship with each other.


Impressive and an eye opening article. Never thought about this in such great detail.


It's going to be 2019, and Canada has become a feminist cesspool where it's illegal for a falsely accused man to use evidence in a trial that isn't approved beforehand by the Judge and the Plaintiff (Bill C-51).

The Mantoo

Impressive and comprehensive


Are you going to revisit your predictions next week ?


@bruno I sure hope so. However Mr Khan may be busy with other important matters: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imran_Khan#Prime_Minister_of_Pakistan


The Prime Minister is 67 years old. The author of this text is not. They just have the same name.


Well, well, well, would you look at the time: Less than a week (he he) left to go before the big hyped-up ill-fated decennial anniversary; and yet short of something truly cataclysmic or apocalyptic happening between now and the big dud - er, day - it sure looks like someone will end up with the proverbial bubble of prognostician eggnog on his face.



What are you talking about? This article is extremely popular, and most of the predictions are dead on. Don't you have any reading comprehension skills? The sequel is equally impressive.

Get lost, faggot.


Futurist, but no mention of this pandemic.

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