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I read up to the point where you mentioned men's restroom urinals. I urinate in lots of public restrooms - especially those located in bars. The ad that always catches my eye is the one that show a guy in the foreground with two chick in the background with the headline "No means No: Only you can stop rape." Obviously, this ad is aimed at the people who are aiming towards that urinal: men.

This bothers me because I know that if anyone has the ability to stop rape it would be women. Instead these ads give all control over sex negotiation to men. One more form of misandry.

Very good post, Futurist. I hope this develops through the year.


Excellent and inspiring piece. We need to devote more time to practical activism and learning how to organise ourselves as an effective force. In other words, we need to get our act together and begin walking the walk instead of just talking the talk.

As far as the unrinals idea is concerned, I have already done that many times.

Two other practical suggestions I would make are :

All of us should have a twitter account with the sole purpose of immediately notifying each other when a misandrist article appears online. We could then bombard the article with pro-men's rights comments, as well as complaining to the editor etc. If only 100 of us did that each and every time, it might start to make a dfference.

Secondly, we need to become more effective at lobbying. This can consist of two parts. One is, as in the above, to ensure that when a relevant news story pops up in the media, we bombard publishers and editors with pressure to include a 'men's rights' point-of-view. The other is to directly lobby influential and wealthy men into supporting our cause in some way. One of the sad things about Jay Hammers being kicked out of the movement is that he was able to think outside of the box in this way, and tried lobbying certain indviduals for support. If just one powerful man decided to throw his weight behind our cause, it would utterly transform our movement (or 'proto-movement') overnight.

You might be interested in the following example, Futurist. Read the following quote from Peter Thiel, co-founder of paypal and famous philanthropist :

"Since 1920, the vast increase in welfare beneficiaries and the extension of the franchise to women – two constituencies that are notoriously tough for libertarians – have rendered the notion of “capitalist democracy” into an oxymoron."

You can read about Peter Thiel here : http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/40823969/ns/technology_and_science-innovation/

Targeting such people as potential supporters or doners could be our best chance of actually kickstarting an effective movement.


This is something that I would really like to do, but The Spearhead is just too bitter. I've never shared it with other men because the people on that site aren't able to keep their embarrassingly hateful thoughts to themselves. I believe that it's in our nature as men to not want to let ourselves be seen in this light.

The Misandry Bubble is much better, but as we know, the average Internet surfer is quick to say tl;dr. We need more content to spread that is objective and un-emotional.


URLs can be encoded in QR codes:



I oppose democracy and any form of political activism, since inevitably activism endorses and strengthens the system in which it operates.

Nor do I agree with your assertion that the misandry bubble will necessarily burst, not in ten years and not ever. I hope that it does burst and I think it very likely will, but let's not pretend that an activist campaign will smooth the negative effects if it does happen.

I think the situation for men will actually continue to get much worse for a long time. I have chosen not to get married or have children - a marriage strike - and I've spoken about this decision with many of my friends from a perspective of self-interest: do you realize how different marriage is from what you've been led to believe it is? are you sure you want to participate in this system? what will marriage do to make your life better?

I've also taken these ideas to girls that I date and sleep with. Surprisingly, none of them has ever disagreed with me. All I have to do is describe myself as a "feminist" and say that I think feminism has achieved many of its aims but needs to undergo an internal reform. It turns out that any "-ism" can be hollowed out from within and replaced with its very opposite; liberalism and Zionism have undergone the same process in the past at the hands of their enemies.

I do wish you success with your struggle and hope that every XY on the planet reads your earlier essay The Misandry Bubble.

The Futurist


This is a chance to tear down misandric flyers, and replace it with one that is anti-misandry instead.


In the US, I have just about never seen a flyer above a urinal in a high-traffic location (convention center, etc.). But if you are already doing it, it could explain why the UK is further along in organizing anti-misandry than the US.

This tactic would increase our chances of striking a cord with someone like Peter Thiel (a man in Group A).


The beauty is that you can choose *any* website you like. Whichever resonates the most with you.


Now, this is a campaign I can get behind... let the information flow freely!


I disagree with Troll that the Spearhead users are bitter. Many of them are simply pointing out the hypocrisy of feminism and appear bitter to the untrained eye. Here is a perfect example of what appears to be a "bitter" post but upon closer inspection is actually a equalist-minded stickler for detail contrasting China's limits on womens' reproductive control with the state of men's (non-existant !) reproductive rights in the West:

"I can’t feel sorry for them. Welcome to the world men live in. We can’t reproduce when we feel like it either. We don’t get negative or positive control over whether fetuses we co-create are aborted. In the context of the typical man’s sexual/reproductive situation, the complaint of being forced to use birth control sounds comically trivial.

And how have women reacted to our situation? By exploiting us, shaming us, or at best being completely indifferent to our predicament. So I’m completely indifferent to theirs."

This is bitter if you're "troll" and can't read between the lines.


You should reproduce "The Wedded Abyss," here.

For a long time in 2010, it was not available (viewing was restricted by the owner).


One possibility to make this quick and easy although it costs more than making copies of a flyer is to have post-it notes printed up with the information (e.g. www.vistaprint.com; there are others, just Google). No need to fiddle with tape; just slap it on the wall.


Other places to post can be; Barber shops and at Local Trade schools as these places are places where Men gather.


Tiny URLs Created:



The problem with spearhead is that they dont sugarcoat anything. They are too blunt. Thats not really a problem per se, but when youre choosing which site to give people first exposure to the MRA to, you want to pick one that cushions the fall a bit. While its definitely a good site to go to later, I would pick something different for first exposure. You also never know what kind of article you might see at the front there. If every article was like "The Tide Has Already Turned" by WF price that came out a week or so ago, then I would heavily recommend it. But when our hypothetical urinal-man checks out the Spearhead he may very well run into an article like "Mother is Crazy, but She Runs the Family" By J. Durden, or "Adopting a Feminist Proposal for Women in the Military" by J. Durden. Not trying to rag on J. Durden, but one of these articles is an analyzation of an MGTOW song and about J's personal life, and the other is suggesting (in a comical manner, as the article wasnt meant to be taken seriously) that we should make all women in the military prostitutes. Its interesting reading for those of us who are already aware of whats going on, but sounds very radical and/or wishy washy for most folks.

The Misandry Bubble is ideal, in my opinion. Thats what made me an MRA in the first place. While with any given spearhead article you can see a facet of the issue of Mens Rights, with the Misandry Bubble you can see a much broader picture of it, and its not really all that hard to read.

While we are on the subject of the Misandry Bubble though, I found this the other day. http://www.villainouscompany.com/vcblog/archives/2010/01/fact_checking_t.html

Personally I think it darts around the real issues and tries to pick apart anything it can, and I do mean ANYTHING, at one point the writer tries to disprove your claim about no fault divorce causing a spike in divorce rates (which I cant quite remember you making), and says "Stop whining and change things!" as if its as simple as stepping out your door and having a chit-chat with your representative in the House, and then he will clear everything up.

The Futurist




Yes. If the post-it is big enough, it gets around the restriction of two hands not being enough. Vistaprint might be just what we need. I'll add that into the article.


All true. The Spearhead has PG-13 language, though, and the top 8-10 articles show up.

But whichever website the poster likes best - that should go on the flyers.


We need to get cracking. When we get to ~1000 hours or thereabouts, things will start to happen, as there will be many thousands more men who are seriously offended by misandry.


Futurist, you mentioned how everyone has a smartphone nowadays and that we should make use of it, so it follows that we should make use of technology related to that. For instance, the problem you have with some url's being too long is easily and aesthetically solved with the use of data matrices. Many people with smartphones have bar-code scanners now, and most of those scanners are all data matrix compatible. Just find a free bar-code generator online and put the url, no matter how long, into it. The data matrix comes out and is copy-pasted onto the flier. Someone sees it, takes out their smartphone, and snaps a picture; now they have the url on their phone without having to type a word. This easily solves a minor problem and makes people more likely to visit these sites as they don't have to memorize a url or google search word.
Here's a free online program: http://datamatrix.kaywa.com/
And here's the Misandry Bubble as a data matrix:


Man's high technology is so awesome these days and it's only getting more amazing every month. If women ran society, we'd still be living in caves and taking poops into a hole in the ground - in fact, the continent of Africa and inner-city ghettos have something in common in that they are both matriarchy where women dominate the family and society and people live in squalid shelters and poop into dingy cockroach infested bathrooms.

Herbal Essence

I've already purchased red cardstock and removable double-sided tape.

A thought:
I think Sports Bars and Restaurants would be a terrific place to post flyers. Especially on Friday and Saturday evenings at restaurants. Or at sports bars during days with major televised sports. The advantage of these places is the amount of men that will see them given the time period. Also, employees generally do not use the same bathrooms as customers, so you're not going to have to worry about a dutiful employee removing it until the bathroom gets cleaned overnight.
If you do post at bars and restaurants, consider writing messages that involve dating. Imagine a gentleman on a date. He's holding his member to take a pee. He's thinking about his prospects for sex later that evening. Then he reads your provocative message. Examples:
-Women Lie About Date Rape. (website)
-Dating in the USA: Nice Guy Pays, Bad Boy Gets Laid. (website)
-If Women Are Equal, Why Don't They Pay For Dates? (website)

Family restaurants may be better suited for a message like:
-Why Do Married Men Commit Suicide? (Website)


The Futurist


Yes, I thought about that. But the thing is, there are too few people who use that technology actively at the moment. That needs to diffuse well into the mainstream to serve the purpose here.

By 2013, it will probably be the better option overall.

A flyer could, of course, use both. That expands choice.


... "and says "Stop whining and change things!""

- someone quoted by FMR.

In fact, whining is a very effective way to change things. Just consider how well it's worked for feminists. It's worked so well for them, in fact, that they are terrified by the thought of anyone else - particularly counter-feminists - doing some whining of their own, because they know how effective it is. That's why they come down heavy with the shaming tactics on whining.

(Of course, we all know that 'whining' is a euphemism. For feminists/the slow: it's the opposite of 'taking it like a man.')


Could someone make up a decent flyer and host it here, or somewhere else in the maniverse? Everything that makes this campaign easier increases the likelihood of participation.


In the UK, spaces in front of urinals are always 'owned' by someone, and thus adverts have to be paid for, and more importantly, sanctioned.

The problem with the UK is shaming language, it is embedded so deep it will be impossible to remove without a cataclysmic change.

Example: the issue of males committing suicide 4 times more than women came up in my Health Psychology seminar last year. The automatic opinion was that men were isolated and not as mentally stable as women.

I tried to argue that it happens because a)men are decisive, b)show more extremes of emotion and c)stick to their principles. I got openly called a misogynist and a bitter arguement broke out for over 30 minutes.


URLs@URINALS does sound catchy.

Maybe you should register that domain and then have it display flyers, from you and others, that could be downloaded and printed.

The Futurist


There is a powerpoint file of simple, sample flyers in the article (see right above 'The Viral Campaign').


That is unfortunate. In the US, the space is almost always freely available, and unused.

Don't back down from arguments like that, when they call you a 'misogynist'. Simply say in a teasing way 'Having an accurate understanding of women is not 'misogynistic'', followed by 'You don't really understand how women think - and no, being a woman does not mean you know how women think. Quite the opposite, in fact, as pick-up artists prove every day.'

But that just tells you that reaching out to men is what will work, rather than attempting to reason with feminists at all.


"In the UK, spaces in front of urinals are always 'owned' by someone, and thus adverts have to be paid for, and more importantly, sanctioned."

Put the flyers up anyway.

Jay Hammers

In response to Herbal Essence, who gave the following example:

"Women Lie About Date Rape. (website)"

I'd suggest falserapesociety.blogspot.com or a suggestion to Google "False Rape Society"


My father and uncle are in the sign business. They have computers and plotters that cut decals out of vinyl - the type of things used as bumper stickers and such.

I agree with The Futurist that simplicity is the key. And personally, I'm willing to go a little anarchist route in all of this. Tagging misandrist posters with my ready-made vinyl decals that sport simple slogans like "Men! Tired of Being the Nice Guy? Roissy.wordpress.com"

"57% of College Graduates are Women. The-Spearhead.com"

"Google 'False Rape Society'"

"Buying That Girl Drinks Will Get You Nowhere"

"Chivalry is Dead"

"Boycott Barflies"

"The Women are Laughing at You"


"Buying That Girl Drinks Will Get You Nowhere"

This will work REALLY well in a nightclub. It's context-specific and pressing need on the minds of men at these places. They won't associate the message with "mens rights" which does NOT have a sexy reputation and turns them off. They are praying their drink-buying for attractive ladies will generate a return on investment (bring a girl home and have sex) and once they read the writing on the wall (literally), they'll be instantly overcome with curiosity. 90% of the work is simply getting men to show up at the website. With a context-specific message like the one above inside of a nightclub bathroom urinal you'll have a successful hit rate + conversation rate.

Adam Kostakis

Hello there. How do you do? My name is Adam, and earlier today I launched a new anti-feminist weblog.

Should you care to pay me a visit:


The Futurist

Great ideas by Benson, Chuck, Jay, Snark, and others. This is what it is about, and shows that momentum is building.

All of us need to get cracking on the legwork. No one should assume that others are taking care of it - we all have to pound the pavement (especially since we all live in different cities).


"but The Spearhead is just too bitter"

Care to tell how showing your dissatisfaction of how misandric society is, is bitter?


Hello all, I'm a longtime lurker and decided to go ahead and step up and announce my full support for this site. I'm still pretty young at 24 years old and because of this site, and Roissy, and some others I could name I'm really starting to see through the matrix and I have this site and others like it to thank for it.

I'm just glad I found all of this at a young age. And I also fully support this new campaign. If people were to do this and keep at it for years putting up fliers, the manginas would eventually be worn out and get weary of tearing down the fliers and also they'd begin to realize that they can't be there in the bathrooms 24 hours a day every single day and that it would keep costing them time and energy and would hopefully lose motivation.

I'm not good with typing or grammar so I hope this wasn't too painful to the eyes. I've also been a huge supporter of the decentralization concept and how it applies to resistance against feminism and against tyranny in general so when I saw various things on this site, or others can't remember which, I was pleasantly surprised.

Happy New Years to all :)


How about the inside of cubicle doors?

Since a lot of 'traffic' to the bathroom will be heading there rather than to the urinals, and they are probably even less likely to be ripped down in the cubicles.


This is not something that requires large flyers. Simple address labels, about the same size as business cards, will do the job. They have the advantage of being cheap as dirt AND adhesive.

Libraries are another possibility. Tactically positioned written notes - that could look like study notes - left in the margins of feminist tracts could be very effective. Scraps of paper with the same for folks like me who don't like defacing books.


If the flyers ask questions, the websites should have answers. The Spearhead is very good but it's practically a blog and thus not very well suited for this campaign. The URL on the stickers should lead to a webpage which is:
1. static
2. has a short and articulate main page answering the question on the sticker(s)
3. has well-written articles on most MRA subjects

So I reckon first we should build this site, an antimisandry101.com if you like. It's much easier to "sell our product" if it actually IS a product, and not some vague collection of blogs and MRA materials of radically diverse quality and mentality.

And since I don't live in an english-speaking country I must do this anyways :)

And why not print our own stickers? It's a lot easier then using paper+tape. Also it's a lot harder to remove.


I think that's a good point Deansdale. I guess such a 'static' site would contain links to all the major men's rights blogs anyway.

I suggest the domain name be kept as short and memorable as possible. For example : mr101.org (mr for men's rights, of course).


Going directly to the Spearhead might be too much for the uninitiated at first. I would actually start with Roissy. Most guys who start there will reach the Spearhead eventually.

"Could someone make up a decent flyer and host it here, or somewhere else in the maniverse? Everything that makes this campaign easier increases the likelihood of participation."

I agree with this. If anyone has ideas for flyers---post them here.

The flyers should be short and directed to concise and polished online pieces. And, in my opinion, they shouldn't be too inflammatory---they should just pose a relatively harmless question or statement, followed by what to google. This can fit on a 3 by 5 index card sized-sticker to be placed on college campuses or utility poles all over a city. For example:

How prevalent is date rape?
Google 'False Rape Society'


Do women lie about (date) rape?
Google 'False Rape Society'


Are men really falling behind?
Google 'The Misandry Bubble'

And so.

We should just ask questions that have probably run through every guys' mind at one point or another, and then direct them to a (rather narrow) set of sites that will answer the question and give them links to other supportive blogs.


Have you ever noticed that women that make false rape accusations are never adequately punished for ruining a man's life?
-Google "False Rape Society"

Courts can set alimony to whatever amount that they want, and you will have to pay it for life or got to jail. Does marriage still sound like a good idea?
-Google "The Misandry Bubble"

Why does America ban positive male role models on television?
-Google "The Misandry Bubble"

If your penis were cut off tomorrow by a woman, the United States would laugh. Is this the type of society you want your son to grow up in?
-Google "The Misandry Bubble"

In America, children only belong to the mother. Do you enjoy being reduced to a sperm donor by the divorce courts?
-Google "The Misandry Bubble"

In America, the law states that raising your voice at your girlfriend is considered "domestic violence." Don't believe me?
-Google "The Misandry Bubble"

Don't get married until you've sat through a divorce proceeding. When you go, never forget the look on the man's face as the court destroys his life.
-Google "The Misandry Bubble"

If you're on a plane when it crashes, women are removed from the plane first. Does that sound like equality to you?
-Google "The Misandry Bubble"

Why are women exempt from the Draft? Is your life worth so little?
-Google "The Spearhead"


troll, Timothy asked you a question.


The Futurist, a simpler approach is common law courts and taking all the property of women who commit crimes and judges who make themselves accessories to the fact. If men are not willing to sit on juries? They deserve to be robbed. Period.


Nice inspiration, I will be posting in my local casinos and cardrooms.

Rey de Corazones

Flyers -- sketchy.
I don't think people will remember web addresses.
Also, in expecting people to remember a search term that includes the word "misandry," you're going to cut out a large fraction, possibly a majority, of people who aren't already converts to the cause. People in the real world aren't as smart, on average, as people on the internet; that word is a mouthful.

Would be more effective to have stacks of business-card-style handbills. You could still have them in bathrooms. Put them in stacks on the counter, put them in little plastic pouches above urinals and inside stall doors, etc. etc.

There's also the notion that business card type things are classier than flyers, which are pretty ghetto. And they can actually be passed to people who don't go into those bathrooms.


Spearhead is borderline religious, and some of the commentary is extreme, I think that it would be better people of people were directed to more secular sites and if they find the more extreme sites for themselves from there, so be it..


Spearhead is borderline religious, and some of the commentary is extreme, I think that it would be better if people were directed to more secular sites and if they find the more extreme sites for themselves from there, so be it..


@ Rey de Corazones

Excellent ideas. The great thing about this is that you don't only have to pick one course of action---many different ideas can work in concert.

Jay Hammers

The other night I noticed a concert flyer with strips cut into the bottom that could be torn off. We could do something similar, including the Google search term or website on strips so people don't have to remember the term.

I enjoy The Spearhead immensely and used to contribute there. However, I prefer to use the following (see Deansdale's post).
"Google: Misandry Bubble"
"Google: Men's Rights"
"Google: Wedded Abyss"
"Google: False Rape Society"
"Google: Approach Anxiety"

"Misandry Bubble" and "Men's Rights" are catch-alls. The other search terms are more targeted.

I woke up today with some inspiration and came up with the following. I am concerned that most of them are a) not mainstream and b) not very short. I think I should rephrase some of them to ask a question because flyers are supposed to demand action. Please feel free to critique.

Why is there a Violence Against Women Act when most victims of violent crime are male?
Google: Misandry Bubble

If women initiate most domestic violence, why is it that men are blamed for it?
Google: Misandry Bubble

A rape lie can result in the loss of your reputation, your job, and your family. Most rape accusations by women are false.
Google: False Rape Society

The federal government has concluded there is no wage gap between men and women, so why do women receive special treatment?
Google: Misandry Bubble

Feminists want to have equal representation in the most desirable jobs, but they don't want the dangerous jobs. Men account for 90% of workplace deaths.
Google: Misandry Bubble

If it's child support then why doesn't she have to spend it on the children?
Google: Misandry Bubble

Women initiate 90% of divorces. Marriage used to mean something.
Google: Wedded Abyss

Boys are being discriminated against in school. Today only 40% of college graduates are male. Why don't we care?
Google: Misandry Bubble

Why do men die younger than women? It's not just biological.
Google: Misandry Bubble

The single greatest indicator of the sentence you will receive for a crime is whether you have a penis. Why?
Google: Men's Rights

Men in the military are eight times more likely to die than women in the military. Why don't they earn more money?
Google: Men's Rights

Most "deadbeat" dads are good men who want to see their children but can't pay. Why do women receive custody 90% of the time?
Google: Misandry Bubble

Do you believe in the Constitution? Feminists don't.
Google: Misandry Bubble

Jay Hammers

I have implemented several of my sample flyers in Power Point as well as a few others' examples.

I added tear off tabs at the bottom of each page. If not desired the table can simply be deleted. If you use tear off tabs, might I suggest tearing off one or two of them yourself before putting the flyer up? We want men to feel like they're not alone when they tear one off or Google it on their cell phone.

These are still just in simple black text.


The Futurist

Excellent work, Jay.

Things are moving. All of us must get moving on the grunt work of flyer posting. I have already started, myself.


Excellent ideas.

Now I am confused why your comments at the spearhead get voted down so much...

The Futurist



Now I am confused why your comments at the spearhead get voted down so much...

One of the core reasons Men's Rights has not made progress...

Anyone who tries to actually *do* something receives way too much discouragement.

Jay Hammers

Do your comments really get down voted that much at The Spearhead, Futurist? I know the "there is no men's rights movement" talk probably upset some people but I don't remember you being down-voted all that much.

The level of inaction by people in the men's rights community when presented with opportunities to participate in activism is appalling.

I thought I'd provide a Google Docs link to the flyers I posted for those who might not wish to open a Power Point file: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnxqYXltaGFtbWVyc3xneDpjZmMwNGVlZWU2Y2FjMjM&pli=1


What a great idea to start the New Year.

I’ll definitely try to put some of the flyers to good use here in Aust.

The Futurist, I've been a follower of your blog since you posted the Misandry Bubble article. You might be interested to know that I first heard about it when it was recommended by a regular guest on a Sydney radio show “dads on the air” on 5th Jan 2010.

That show can be downloaded from http://www.dadsontheair.net/shows/month/january-2010 if desired.

So that’s at least one example that these ideas have already began to spread outside the internet blogosphere.

The Futurist


Great to know! I was not aware of the Australian radio program.

Thanks again.

Alphabeta Supe

"Anyone who tries to actually *do* something [at The Spearhead] receives way too much discouragement" - The Futurist

So it seems. The Futurist foils it well.


I like the ideas, and agree with the need to get the message out. I truly believe it will like a million Neo's from the Matrix suddenly waking up to see the truth. Let me offer up my two cents.

1) The Misandry Bubble MUST be the portal, over the Spearhead, Citizen Renegade. First, I think it lays out the whole issue quite well from beginning to end in a cool, rational manner while not mincing words. Second, while I appreciate both the latter websites, they also can have content which starts to touch on areas which are definitely controversial and off the mark. CR for one often gets into issues of racial determinism nowadays, and whether you agree with it or not (I do not) it is not going to be a good introduction and in fact a distraction.

As you noted in your article on the problems with Republicans, there is this idea that the Left will play fair. They will try to delegitimize the movement with anything they can. They cannot be given any free ammo.

2) Following all of the above, if you are going to get the message out, we need to be aware that we are up against masters of propaganda and manipulation. We need to counter at its core, challenging the terms they attempt to foist onto the conversation before it starts.

For example:

I don’t think “anti-feminism” works as an movement name, or even “anti-misandry”. We need something positive, something that declares our territory and objective. “Male Rights” is a bit stale, but on track, while “Equalists” or “Constitionalist” stakes out high ground which is bound to drive them nuts. I am open to other ideas, but my point is to change the language to match the reality AT EVERY TURN. They do the opposite, so make them defend the ridiculous twisting of meaning they rely on to spin their lies.

3) Whenever quoting a statistic or source, MAKE SURE you and the source have alll ducks in a row. People will fact check our asses, so we need to be spot on. They will still try to lie and deceive, but let them stick their necks out to be caught spewing BS.

4) Keep in mind that none of this is anti-woman. It is pro-REALITY. The Matrix we've been caught in is screwing with all of us, except the ones directly benefiting from it.

Jay Hammers

I don't think it's just The Spearhead where people receive too much discouragement. You see the same thing at Reddit Men's Rights and I'm sure anywhere someone tries to provide an avenue for activism.

I still have my doubts about whether my continued participation will provide some net benefit, but I am apparently addicted to men's rights so I'll continue anyway. And posting flyers is fun.

I wouldn't get too discouraged by your first Spearhead article, Alphabeta. What many people disagreed with was spending time debating with feminists (as if you can really have a debate with a feminist). You really destroyed the poor girl's argument (I mean the poor doctor's argument), but I do believe, as has been discussed often at The Spearhead, that men are who we need to reach. Not women and certainly not feminists. There are very, very few women out there who can do good for our cause, so if they come along that's great, but there's no need to spend time convincing them. The types of women who will come along won't need much convincing - people like Hestia at The Spearhead or Christina Hoff Summers (who still calls herself a feminist I believe). The only reason to argue with a feminist is to convince the crowd watching how foolish her ideas are. And maybe that's what you were doing.

That's why I was wondering if your idea might be better targeted toward male professors outside the gender studies departments at these schools, who perhaps might have some interest in the real statistics about men and boys.

That's also why the URLs @ Urinals campaign can work - it targets men without wasting time on women or even allowing them an opportunity to shame men about reading the flyers, since they're located in men's bathrooms.


@The Futurist:

AH - that would explain the excessive amount of discouragement I have received over the last 2 years...

I will make up a couple of set of flyers - and have them printed onto stickers.

I will go into night clubs and lounges around town with my pockets full of such stickers, and slap them onto the urinals.

One set will have the spearhead.

The other set will have the false rape society.

Again, this is an excellent idea.


P.S. I think that "anti-feminism" works very well.

There are already hoards of people who hate it. MEN and WOMEN.

This country was founded on bad attitudes - anti-royalty for example.

When something sucks, you must be ANTI that something.

a double negative makes it a positive.

The Futurist

Actually, a broad term like 'Uniform Equality' also works.

Feminism is all about focusing on stats where women look worse (often giving incomplete context), while trying to distract everyone from stats and situations where men have it worse.

'Selective Equality' is wrong, and should be supplanted with 'Uniform Equality'.

Great ideas all.

I have already started to post flyers, and it would be great if others shared their experiences. We must all get out there and DO it!


Futurist, you'll be happy to know then that I’ve just been out to post some flyers. The venues I’ve been to so far are the public library and our local shopping centre. I put flyers next to the urinals and also some inside the cubicles. I plan to go to the local university campus and plaster their toilets with flyers when orientation week for the next semester begins in Feb.

For those interested, the three flyers I’ve used so far are as follows:

1.“Why are men 12 times more likely to commit suicide as a result of divorce or separation than women?
Learn more at: www.dadsontheair.net”.
I decided to use the website for the radio program I mentioned previously as I’m trying to appeal to a local Aussie audience. It is an excellent fathers/men’s rights resource with lots of local and international content.

2.“If women commit at least 1 in 3 acts of family violence, why is it that men are always blamed for it?
Visit: oneinthree.com.au to learn more.”
Here I modified Jay’s flyer slightly so it would link better to another excellently designed local website. The site provides comprehensive local and international DV research info and also includes a whole section called “misinformation” that lists and debunks various misleading and false statistics promoted by feminists globally (a lengthy list as most of you would expect).

3."Why do men usually die younger than women?
It’s not just biological.
The truth may amaze you.
Google “Misandry Bubble” to learn more".
This flyer of Jays is the only one I’ve chosen to directly refer people to the ‘Misandry Bubble’ so far.

In the meantime another idea for a flyer has occurred to me but I would like to get feedback from you guys before I consider using it. Here goes:

“Do you know what “Misandry” means?
If not, you better find out soon.
Your future well being as a man might depend on it.
Google: “Misandry Bubble” to learn why."

This idea came to me after I considered one of the comments which suggested that people may find it difficult to remember a website with ‘misandry’ in the name as this is not a word in common usage. So I thought this type of flyer would turn a potential weakness (lack of word recognition) into strength (a call to action to learn more).


The Futurist


Excellent! Always remember that you are doing great humanitarian work, and that one man can make a difference.

That you used Jay's flyers are great too : men are sharing ideas in an open-sourced way.

Once we get to the neighborhood of 1000 hours, things will be quite different. While we can't measure it exactly, we will still be able to estimate it nonetheless, by gauging feminist reactions.

I am going to update the main article to include the good ideas commenters have brought up.

Robert in Arabia

If there were more men like Léon DeGrelle, feminism would not be an issue.



Tsk, tsk, I see that there are no truck drivers here. I've never been in a truck stop that DIDN'T have advertising above the urinal.

Good idea though to grab that typically unused space though.

Alphabeta Supe

The only reason to argue with a feminist is to convince the crowd watching how foolish her ideas are. And maybe that's what you were doing. - Jay Hammers

That's precisely what I was doing. I was amazed by how few people seemed to recognise that it is for the audience, not for any naive notion that we could persuade the womyn to abandon what you've aptly referred to as "60 years of Stupid" via email. As with any call to action on a blog post, it's effectiveness has much more to do with what the audience reads than the proposed action itself. The same theory will likely apply to this one.

I'm glad at least a few commenters recognised the multiplicity of my post, I should have made it a bit clearer. I appreciate the encouragement btw, both here and there.


I forgot if anybody mentioned this yet or not but, one good thing about urinals is that the feminists cannot go into men's restrooms to tear them down, at least not without getting into some sort of trouble or risking looking very foolish if someone catches them. ;)

Personally I think the biggest obstacle to victory isn't even the feminists themselves, it's the mangina army. If we can begin to target them somehow, or possibly......I had an idea that sounds a bit underhanded but would certainly wake them the hell up to reality. Now this is just an idea I'll toss out there, if nobody likes it or sounds like a bad idea then fine.

But I feel we should start finding some way of having a girl who is willing (if we could find any) to do us a favor and treat whatever magina individual we target like absolute shit, or possibly even pretend to date them for a bit, get them veeeeeeery hooked, then coldly rip their heart clean out of their chest (figuratively speaking).

Even if it's not such a good idea, personally I feel these boys (emphasis on the word boys) simply will NOT wake up unless they have been shaken to their core somehow. :/

So......good idea? Bad? Any other alternative ideas? I just want to know how to cure them of their nasty cancerous mangina infection.


I have a very good idea! Why not pay some female $20 an hour to hold up a huge sign in a very public place where hundreds or thousands of people will read it? It's far better for a woman to be protesting than men since this will send a strong message. Each woman is "worth" 5 men when conveying the point. The sign should not be too PC incorrect or blame women. Something along the lines of warning men away from marriage without blaming women directly should work well. Letting men know they are being treated unfairly in America and to Google misandry bubble will also work.

I have posted some sticky notes on the bathroom walls and saw a man read it as I was leaving. I returned and the notes are still there. I will be warning men away from marriage as this will save men the most trouble. They should Google: Marriage strike and they will realise they aren't alone in their reluctance to "commit" As more and more men avoid marriage, this will set off a domino effect. Avoiding marriage will come to be seen as "acceptable" and mainstream rather than being an outcast.

What's better is some feminists actually believe marriage is an outdated insititution. Of course most women want to marry because it's profitable for her. They will pretend to love you(most women are incapable of unconditional love) but shame you by telling you to "man up and commit" and if you hold your ground, she will eventually leave you and move on to the next man.

I would be interested in what The Futurist and others predicts would happen to feminism when hundreds or even thousands of men get moving and take action against feminism outside the internet. Would this cause the misandry bubble to unwind before 2020? Would this just save thousands of men as the misandry bubble unwinds due to the horsemen?

No doubt this will infuriate the feminists and their useful idiot manginas. Everyone should back up their "men's rights" blogs along with the comments in case the feminists get your blog deleted. The feminists will try to get laws passed to oppress men even further. They will only shoot themselves in the foot when they go too far and end up waking millions of men to the fact they are being oppressed!



'Getting there'? You weren't this arrogant before.

LTR Game is invaluable even in marriages - ask Hawaii Libertarian. It seems you think that it is desirable to 'evolve past' the stage of working on self-improvement.

It seems you have regressed in your knowledge of what Game really is. 'Evolve past game'? Weird."""

Game is a concept to sell products to insecure, sexually frustrated geeks. Thing is, you're so deep into the "game" paradigm, that nothing I can say today will wake you up...

I'll just say this... In a few years you'll cringe reading posts where you talked about "game".

If you think that "game" is the final level, let me ask you something else... Is there anything you used to passionately believe in the past? Is there anything in the past that you used to think put you on the "top of the understanding mountain", yet... today you cringe thinking back to those times, thinking "omg, I can't believe what I believed back then".

If so... Isn't it then possible that your current paradigm is not the final paradigm? This my last post. I'm not intent on changing people's religions, and nothing I can say will change your mind. All I can do is insert the seed of doubt, and its up to your mind to wrestle it out over the coming months or years :)

**Question everything** Never settle into a place where you don't doubt even your most core beliefs, for that is when growth stops.


I realize the post has a mocking, almost insulting tone, but that's because I respect you too much to be indirect. In fact, of the thousands of ideas/sentences/paragraphs you've written on this blog (and I've read them all), I'm only talking about these few paragraphs... That means I actually LOVE all the others. So again, I'm not a critic of The Futurist, in fact, I'm a fan of everything else you write (99% of every paragraph written). So don't take it as a personal attack. I just think its my duty to insert that seed of doubt on this one thing.

Good luck.


@Arguing feminists in public

I think this a great idea if you do it right. Your debating style should be centered on making her expose herself to random surfers/people passing by... not to change her mind. You can't change the mind of nutcase lol :D

Many MRA get this one wrong though... They get emotionally invested and they started yelling back to her (or its equivalent online)... They start getting personal, and reactive and lose their cool.

What does that look like? It makes you look just like the feminazi to random passerbies. I've seen many mainstream news-stories flooded by MRAs, where they just make the entire movement look bad...

==Here's what ussually happens==

Feminazi: bla bla bla 90% of women are murdered by their boyfriend and all men are rapists bla bla
MRA: THATS NOT TRUE you lame CUNT!@W$#EQWSA You're some fat fmeinist pig!@#E@#QWR
Feminazi: I guess you want your sister raped HU!H!!?!?!
MRA: WTF?!?!? Stop that insane feminazi crap!

==Here's what should happen==

Feminazi: bla bla bla 90% of women are murdered by their boyfriend and all men are rapists bla bla
MRA: Actually those stats were produced by a radical feminist who counted xyz as rape, and its a well known-exaggeration. The real stats according to studies abc are as such
Feminazi: OMFG!!! Do you want your sister raped HU!H!?!?
MRA: I don't want anything happening to anyone, however, I believe hysteria like this only serves to make real issues seem silly.

I think the passion and emotion should be left for/on MRA blogs and forums. On mainstream forums/places/columns/papers your cool should be kept and your goal should be to allow her to look crazy, while at the same time mythbusting her claims.

Random passerbies have no time to say who's right, they're quick to generalize. If you sink to her level (she drags you into an emotional fight), any random passerbies generalize it as "oh, these are some guys who are just as crazy as the feminazi hehehe", and they move on with their life.

There's plenty of venues to express passion, but on mainstream venues where random people are to be found it doesn't serve a useful purpose.


Actually this is the first time in my life I hear about misandry in such serious terms. I don't pay much attention to feminism but probably the inequality between two sexes is really striking if men organise anti-misandry compains to oppose women:)

Alphabeta Supe


Anti-misandry is not opposition to women, it is opposition to man-hatred, especially the state-sponsored kind. A misandrist can be male, female, or an institution, just as can be a feminist. Believe me, honey, it is the most serious issue you as a woman will encounter this decade. It would be wise to educate yourself on the matter and work out where you stand. Here are few links to get you started:





I think it would be a good idea for this site to offer blanket approval for the redistribution of this article in it's entirety, with credits and link back.

If you want us to spread the word, give us permission to help.

Paul Elam

The Futurist


Thanks for visiting, and yes, permission is granted. For this, The Misandry Bubble, and any other article here.

I'll add that into the main article.

Jay Hammers

"Why not pay some female $20 an hour"

Paying her minimum wage will get the same results.

The Futurist

"Why not pay some female $20 an hour"

Paying her minimum wage will get the same results.

Heh. That makes one the the many points we are trying to male.

Healthcare, education, and public bureaus are the 3 sectors of the US economy that are inefficient, bloated, and have an entitled/welfare mentality. Guess which gender is more represented among workers in these 3 sectors? Remember that the male unemployment rate is 3 points higher than the female.

The Futurist


Ponder this. Here is a gentleman in a marriage that was going downhill. He has a child, and in the event of a divorce, modern laws would have ruined him (and compromised the future of the child).

As you can see, he stumbled upon The Misandry Bubble, found Game to be the most useful takeaway, and is using Game to restore his marriage. He has started a whole blog to chronicle this.

This is the value of Game, when used in LTRs. I am jubilant that my article pointed him in the right direction, and prevented a tragedy. You should be happy about this too.



Ponder this. Here is a gentleman in a marriage that was going downhill. He has a child, and in the event of a divorce, modern laws would have ruined him (and compromised the future of the child).

As you can see, he stumbled upon The Misandry Bubble, found Game to be the most useful takeaway, and is using Game to restore his marriage. He has started a whole blog to chronicle this.

This is the value of Game, when used in LTRs. I am jubilant that my article pointed him in the right direction, and prevented a tragedy. You should be happy about this too.

Replace "game" in the paragraph above with "astrology" or "faith in god" or "the bible". You will notice that your paragraph retains the same meaning. Do you not notice you're using "appeal to anecdote"? Game is nothing but placebo and putting power into some vague concept outside yourself.

And you're doing this to someone who's been professionally involved with game for a decade? I lived, breathe, sleeped, ate it for a decade... In fact, I still make a living off of it. Not proud of it, but got a bunch of game sites which I own or are partner in that bring me income. That's what I live off of.


Example (please read):

Ponder this. Here is a gentleman in a marriage that was going downhill. He has a child, and in the event of a divorce, modern laws would have ruined him (and compromised the future of the child).

As you can see, he stumbled upon The Misandry Bubble, found FAITH IN GOD to be the most useful takeaway, and is using FAITH IN GOD to restore his marriage. He has started a whole blog to chronicle this.

This is the value of FAITH IN GOD, when used in LTRs. I am jubilant that my article pointed him in the right direction, and prevented a tragedy. You should be happy about this too.

The Futurist


Note that The Misandry Bubble was mentioned in the New York Times :


But the journalist was deceptive. He says that I am wrong to claim that many feminists want to send men to concentration camps, but neglects to note that I link to a feminist expressing such a wish.

So if someone reports feminist extremism, the reporter is called an extremist.

To email Charles McGrath about this oversight, please go here :


Just for anyone who is interested, I did up a few designs for business card sized "posters" that can be output on any laser copier for good results. I am also doing more, so if you have any suggestions please email them to me at menzmagazine@gmail.com

The images:



"Lurking around the edges of the male studies movement, moreover, in Web sites like Paul Elam’s A Voice for Men, is a certain amount of anti-feminist hostility, if not outright misogyny. There used to be a link on the Web site for the Foundation for Male Studies to an interminable screed by someone called the Futurist, who was convinced the overvaluing of women and undervaluing of men was about to create a civilizational cataclysm. The piece began more or less rationally, but soon flared with gas jets of anger and worries about “rage-filled ‘feminists’ who would gladly send innocent men to concentration camps if they could."

The Futurist, all such articles reek of PC and misandry. Anyone who piss off the feminists would be out of a job or worse, in jail. Note the overused word "misogyny" it's all women do, use shaming language. I bet in 10-15 years when feminism is well in decline, you will see lots of articles stating the truth which you stated last year.

Jay Hammers, few women would work for min wage and those that do can afford so because they are being supported by their white knight boyfriend/husband. $20/hour is a small price to save dozens of men from mistakes such as marriage. We need to do more to spread the truth and this includes lots of men protesting in the streets with signs.

AlekNovy, even I have a better understanding of game than you. Game caused him to become more desirable to his wife and she decided he was worth keeping. He also says she's a nice woman who actually found this article and showed him. Id love to be with a woman as nice as his wife, but they are few and far between. Most women are messed up in many ways and of no use/interest to me.

The Futurist


Good work! This is useful.


AlekNovy, even I have a better understanding of game than you. Game caused him to become more desirable to his wife and she decided he was worth keeping.

That's right. And good job for understanding. Everyone should be happy that he saved and improved his marriage through use of material that taught him how women think.

Now go out and post flyers! That is the way to save the males.


"""AlekNovy, even I have a better understanding of game than you. Game caused him to become more desirable to his wife and she decided he was worth keeping. He also says she's a nice woman who actually found this article and showed him. Id love to be with a woman as nice as his wife, but they are few and far between. Most women are messed up in many ways and of no use/interest to me."""

That's like telling a retired formula car driver that even you have a better understanding of racing than him bwahaha. I'll let you kiddies pass the game phase, no matter how annoyed I am at seeing super-intelligent guys that I respect fall for something most of us passed years ago.


@The Futurist

Congrats on the times mention. Too bad you weren't linked to directly... The article does deserve to be read by a new audience. Save for my game criticism, you know I love the article in general, and if I could press a button where every guy on the planet could read it, I would press that button right now.

They did link to avoice-for-men, and from there the comments mention you.

I know its a few degrees detached until people get here, but did you notice a spike in traffic by any chance?

The Futurist


Save for my game criticism, you know I love the article in general, and if I could press a button where every guy on the planet could read it, I would press that button right now.

Good, and thanks. Then the best thing you can do is post flyers to get more men exposure to The Misandry Bubble.

Game :

I don't see what about the 'Gaming my Wife' site was hard to understand. Savethemales understood it.

Among the many other practitioners of LTR Game, Hawaii Libertarian is notable. He is a 40-year-old man with a wife and child, who used Game to rescue and improve his marriage.

But you would say that a man using these skills to improve his marriage is something to evolve beyond. You are distinctly avoiding having to learn about what Game really is, in order to maintain the incorrect narrative that you are invested in. Game does not mandate wearing funny clothes.

While I often say that 80% of men have no capacity to grasp Game, I am always amazed how some people cannot get it now matter how much detail goes into explaining the basics to them.


Good idea, I just think the Janitors will tear it down every night. Nonetheless worth a shot.

The Futurist


That is why I talk about high traffic urinals, where a single day will yield hundreds of men reading it.

But we must go out and DO it. Please spend an hour or two to go out and post flyers.

Jay Hammers

Well, I posted a few flyers in a college town nearby, though not as many as I should have. To be honest, I was there drinking with my girlfriend and a buddy, and we only went to two bars, so I didn't put many posters up. The next day I put a few up on campus with my girlfriend but not as many as I'd have liked.

Some things I've learned:

It is too much of a pain in the ass to try to tape 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper up with scotch tape, and it's annoying to carry the materials around. I'm going to look up Carnivore's suggestion of vistaprint and similar places to print sticky notes that will make it much easier to just slap these in front of a stall. Honestly, the more convenient it is, the more likely someone will do it (even me, especially when I'm busy drinking and chatting with friends about men's rights and other issues). The flyers need to be able to fit in a pants or coat pocket. I was carrying around folded up 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper and scotch tape, which was just silly.

It would be great if some men's rights sites could start selling some of these pre-made post-it notes, similar to how Men's Activism sells bumper stickers (I own one). Personally I wouldn't put this stuff on stickers that make it harder for the things to come off walls, but that's just me.

I checked three city ordinances to see if it was technically illegal to post flyers / handbills by bathroom stalls. In two of three, it was technically a misdemeanor to post a handbill on private property. That's not going to stop me right now, but if these flyers catch on and people start to notice them, it will become a problem for some of us.

The Futurist


Good work!

Misdemeanor? Damn. But I would rather get to that problem, than the problem of too few men posting flyers.

I wonder if conference centers, etc. get around the 'private property' restriction?



After thinking about my initial experiences posting flyers, I agree with you 100%. Which is why I have already investigated Carnivore’s Vistaprint idea and have decided that it would be best for me to use either business card stickers or sticky notes from there.

While they are only relatively small (9cm X 5cm for business card stickers and 7cm X 7 cm for sticky notes) I don’t see this as a problem if the text used is the right size and colour and they are placed in locations where the man is sure to be close to and looking at directly at some stage, such as above a stand-alone urinal or on (or next to) a toilet paper dispenser or hand dryer.

In addition, you can also choose from many Vistaprint design templates that have many eye-catching backgrounds that could grab a man’s attention, which would make it more likely for the messages to be read and remembered, especially if the images depicted in the backgrounds are compatible with the written messages. For example, for Jay’s flyer “buying that girl drinks will get you nowhere” I have chosen a standard background template which depicts two attractive dancing women in lingerie; for a flyer about family violence I have chosen a background featuring a cartoon of a violent woman etc...

It terms of Vistaprint costs, the business card stickers are more expensive than sticky notes (starting at about 60c each versus 15c), but they are a more ‘permanent’ solution and they offer a far greater choice of backgrounds, which is why I’ve decided to go with business card stickers for now. But sticky notes could also work.

Note this pricing info is in Aust$, so these costs may differ for you guys in the US and elsewhere.


Your articles have been quite an eye opener. To think that I had been planning to settle down and get married at a young age!

I've got a lot of reading to do.

The Futurist



Under no circumstances should you get married without a properly done pre-nup. Even then, there are risks, but at least a pre-nup provides some protection (like a seat-belt in a car).

People will shame you for wanting a pre-nup, possibly your own family among them. But don't cave. Keep coming here for moral support and for counterarguments that you can use, if that situation arises.

Now go out and post flyers!


The Futurist,

I hope that I can pick your brain for some advice. This May, I'll be out of college with a BA in Economics, and as a white American male my job prospects are looking grim. I'm hesitant to go to graduate school, as it has little to offer that I can't learn on my own, and I have no interest in digging myself deeper into debt. Your articles have already inspired me to learn game and turned me off of marriage, pre-nupped or otherwise. Beyond that, what do you think the next decade of my life should look like? Would I be wiser to find a decent job and simply stay afloat? Or should I leave for greener pastures as soon as I get the chance?

In any case, your viral campaign has found another carrier. I'll be spreading the truth to as many men as I can. As for you, American women, you've made your bed. Now die in it.


I don't know. Some people think The Spearhead will turn people off the MRM, you shouldn't be so quick to assume that. The Spearhead is milquetoast compared to the place I got a crash course in the gender debate, Dick Masterson's Men are Better than Women. That place is full of nothing but self-proclaimed "misogynists" and hairy-legged man-hating feminist cunts.

That's how I found my way into the MRM. When I first went to MABTW I had been indoctrinated into the feminist viewpoint,(not a believer as my belief in the feminist ideas I had been taught all my life had already been shaken, but I didn't know any better than them) after watching the arguments and engaging in some myself, I came out the other side of the crucible ready to fight for Men's Rights like there's no tomorrow.

It was the venom,the bile in the feminists' arguments, their hatred for men and of course, their perennially juvenile and familiar "arguments" consisting of nothing but shaming language that cemented my conclusions.

I can assure you personally that rather than easing in slowly, having the cold water thrown on me was a far more effective initiation.

Perhaps it would be far better to include some material from that feminist (female supremacist) website (I believe Fidelbogen has the link) where they talk about castrating men and keeping them on leashes and using them for target practice after "women take over the world" to put the comments on Men's Sites in perspective, and then include some of the sobering information that we have compiled showing that women are indeed beginning to "take over". Men are smart, when they put two and two together for themselves that THESE people are the same people who claim to want "equality" and that THIS is what they mean by "equality", they will be converts to the bitter end. That's how it worked for me.

Just my opinion. Take it for what it's worth.

The Futurist



and as a white American male my job prospects are looking grim.

First of all, stop thinking that way - it becomes self-demoralizing. Most small companies will hire someone based on what they can do, rather than their affirmative action checkbox.

Your articles have already inspired me to learn game


My advice would be :
1) Do something you really like, and are good at. Among these choices, do something that earns you enough money to stay afloat, but still keeps your hours (and commute) short. But don't do something you dislike just because it pay more
2) Treat Game as a priority just as high, because even moderate competance in Game is worth approx. $2 Million (in my estimation). In other words, you will do better with women than many men with a lot more money.

Also, it is not a bad idea to go to grad school (if you can find financing) *after* you master Game, so that you make best use of the university environment.

In any case, your viral campaign has found another carrier.

Thanks! Whenever a 'feminist' does something evil, channel that energy into going out and posting flyers. Eventually, a larger army will form.


"Or that feminists lobbied to steer money away from disabled veterans towards able-bodied women."

Why should veterans - disabled or not - be defended? They are defenders of the female state which consciously oppresses men. Why should we advocate material support for them?

Veterans and military in types in general are part of the problem.



Ivan Durak

A few thought on creating word of mouth (from a marketing professional):

1) 10,000 people who start talking about a product or an idea outside of the internet (no anonymity) is huge. But better be ambitious.
2) Geographical concentration to tap into existing real life networks.
A good way to start massive word of mouth is to generate awareness within defined geographical zones. 10,000 men suddenly talking about misandry in New York and DC will have a lot more impact in the long run, as they will talk to friends, who will talk to friends, who'll already have heard someone else talking about this. Basically, tap into "IRL" networks. Why? People remember 7 times more, and with more details, live conversations than commercials or articles.
Targeting cities also helps to know quickly how well the campaign works, and to adapt it.
That means asking members of various forums from two or three major cities specifically to start the campaign. Asking specific people for help brings out more positive responses than asking many at once to volunteer. Those who do post flyers should take pictures and upload them to the various forums etc.
3) Prepare ready-to-print flyers.
4) QR codes are a good idea, if only just to lend credibility.
5) One campaign, one product. In this case, one website. It should be possible to set up a blog specifically devised to welcome newbies, with short articles, graphs and what not. And links to the-spearhead etc.
Those articles should make these guys furious and curious. Simple yet atrocious facts which many men can identify with should be enough to do the trick. These guys should talk to friends about what they read.

Just of few thoughts on the fly.

And why doesn't my firefox spellchecker know the word "misandry"?

Ivan Durak

Another thought: nobody takes seriously a random guy babbling about misandry. But if a friend were to send me short email with a link to a well written article, asking for my thoughts on it, I would read the damn thing.

Ivan Durak

Final thought:

Be prepared to welcome these men. That means increase in web traffic as well as just answering their questions, taking the time to point them to the most pertinent articles etc. And asking for their thoughts. People that are active on forums invariably talk to friends about the things they write. Forget the "fight club mentality".

The Futurist


All good points. Yes, the new men need to be welcomed and brought into the fold. The flyer is just the first step - to get them to visit. After that, it is up to us to make them return a second, third, tenth time.

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