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John Dias

Check out this image of a sheet of file-folder sized labels:

1500 labels, 30 per sheet, with 50 sheets per pack -- and all of the sticky labels have the stickiness of a Post-It note, so they remove easily. The price is less than $37 per pack, and you can print them all on a laser or inkjet printer in one shot.

This would be perfect for a URLs@Urinals campaign. Just take a single sheet with you each day, and get rid of all 30 labels on it by the end of the day. In 50 days, you will have placed 1500 labels. Not bad for $37.


A similar cheap, anonymous thing I have done in the past is change the web pages on public computers to a desired website. At libraries, electronic stores, schools or anywhere with public computers you can set the web browsers directly to the websites that have been suggested here and just leave them up for the next user to see.

Even though the next user probably won't be in the target audience for "U@U", it takes literally seconds to get to "The Misandry Bubble" or "The-Spearhead", and requires bringing no materials whatsoever. There is no reason not to set every machine in an Apple store to our websites.

The Futurist

Brilliant ideas, both John Dias and Eincrou.

The label idea is great : 1500 labels done the right way could be seen by 100,000 men.


This is great stuff. Lovely in depth. Need more frequent posts.

John Rambo

Why American men should boycott American women


I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don't know how to cook or clean, don't want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women?

American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least.

This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.



The Futurist,

My apologies for an off-topic post. Perhaps I'm blind, but I could not find any contact information on this site. I would like to send you an e-mail, if possible. There is a matter for which I would hold your expertise in high regard.

The Futurist


Sure thing. I do not have contact info here, even an email. I continue to be on the fence about that.

I can send you an email at an address you post.

Or otherwise, you can post your question in any old thread of your choosing from the archives (which no longer get traffic). I will see it immediately, but almost no one else will as they won't know which one you chose. We can discuss there.

I can delete the questions after that if you like.


Thanks for the response, Futurist. My concern was more about rudely posting an off topic comment if there was another way I could reach you.

Last week, I wrote an article for Paul Elam's A Voice for Men, attempting to apply my knowledge of free markets to male-female relations.

My knowledge of both subjects is merely amateur so if you could, I'd like to you to read it and tell me where I may be right or wrong. I can't think of anyone whose review I would rather receive than yours.

The Futurist


Wow - interesting material and certainly a subject of interest. I'll have comments in a day or so.

Thanks for addressing that important subject, and for thinking of me in the process!


The Futurist, suppose the misandry bubble pops in the worst way possible. What might America(and the rest of the west) look like? What countries would provide a relatively safe and comfortable haven from the ensuing chaos?

The Futurist


There will even be parts of the US that are relatively safe. In general, when social order collapses, the order of risk is :

Single men > Two-parent families > Single women > Single mothers

Households with men, who have guns, will be relatively safer.

Now financially, things are different. People who own houses (especially in states like California) are vulnerable to financial losses. Apartment-dwellers or people with fully-paid homes in low-density suburbs, would be safer.

Jay Hammers

The Futurist, please e-mail the0enlighter at gmail dot com, this is Jay Hammers. I would like to keep in touch with you. I plan to spread stickers far and wide when I move to Texas.

Thanks, bud.

Jay Hammers

Check this stupidity out: Women-Only Leadership: Would it prevent war?


Someone there named Valkyrie Ice is complaining about how you believe "the problems of the world could all be solved if women would just go back to being submissive playtoys and let the men get on with ruling the world".


The Futurist,

I have to question your assertion that 80% of men cannot comprehend game. I'm reading the Mystery Method right now, and game is far from complex. In fact, now that I've been exposed to it, it seems quite intuitive.

The Futurist


Well, good. You are part of the 20% then.

But way too many men reject outright any assertion that a man can improve himself in specific ways that make himself more attractive to women.

There are even those who think they support Men's Rights, but refuse outright to learn how female psychology works (let alone implement these learnings).

Read Hawaii Libertarian's writings on marriage Game. Obsidian, Roissy, etc. have also written on LTR Game. Roosh (while mostly about pickup) addresses many topics that others overlook.


Ah, I understand. They are incapable in the sense that they are constitutionally unwilling to discard their illusions and/or to take action to improve themselves.

Their loss, then.


The Futurist,

From reading your comments on earlier articles, I've seen that you want to raise children, but are too afraid of divorce theft to do so(which is completely justifiable).

Would it be possible for you to have children conceived at an IVF clinic, brought back to America, and then find a good Asian woman with a good career to cohabit with and raise them with you? She would have no legal claim to your children, and her culture and preexisting income will disincentivize her from trying to rob you.

Short of leaving the country, this is the best way that I can think of to safely start a family.

The Futurist


I have thought about that at length. It is a big deal, though. There is no way of knowing beforehand whether a child can receive a good upbringing without a mother (since we know that the absence of a father is detrimental for sure).

It is hard to get adoption approval as a single man (even for your own IVF + surrogate kids, etc.).


To be honest I was pretty skeptical that anything could be done about this in the next decade, but your track record is impressive. Out of curiosity do you think that this will something that doesn't become an issue for most until 2020 when it falls off a cliff kinda like the housing bubble, or do you think that this will become an issue much sooner? If so when?


Jim, I have posted over 100 mini fliers warning men away from marriage and mentioning the misandry bubble(thanks Futurist!) and will be at over 100 hours by the end of 2011. The goal of 1000 collective hours is a starting point, but I say we can achieve 10k hours if 100 others each spend 100+ hours like me. As for feminism, I made a poll and 75% of the MRAs believe feminism has peaked.

Futurist, see my responses to you below. I predict AEV by 2040.


 iPhone app builder

Yes, *do* it. Don’t wait for others to do it. Assange is leading the vote for man of the year in Time magazine. So the opinion must be varied in the US too.

Torque Wrench

If only politicians would think the way you emphasize issues concerning almost everything, I guess there will be no wars and misunderstandings, only debates for a better nation..keep writing its really inspiring..


Futurist Ray Kurzweil was invited to be a guest on the Colbert Tv show yesterday. Yet, anytime I search "futurist" on Google your website is in the top of the listings. I wonder if the leftists at Colbert refused to book you as a guest because of your anti-feminist views. It would have been huge exposure for the MRA had you been invited onto that show as a futurist and said some politically incorrect things about feminism and the future.

Isn't Ray the same futurist who claims everyone will be a transvestite in the future? Colbert is a cowardly leftist and mangina who has invited countless feminists on his show including Jessica Valenti (of feministing) and Gloria Steinem among many others to spew their nonsense unchallenged. It's not surprising to learn that his father and brother were killed in an airplane crash when he was a child and therefore he was raised in a house full of women.

Emily Jones


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Great idea!!!

Unzip a few fliers to get men really pissed at feminism!


INTERESTING POST! I'm glad I found your blog!!

Common Cents


Why would I want to link to the spearhead?? That site is terrible and quite possibly the worst possible "starting point" for any young man interested in the MRM!

The Futurist


The Spearhead may have some lame commenters, but that hardly makes it the 'worst possible' starting point. Also, you did not suggest an alternative, so your point weakens.

Castorius Corneliadis

Human activity is essentially a chaotic one - One can't predict what will happen based on past or current events. The obsession to try to figure out future events or "trends" is akin to control-freak behavior, itself a consequence of neurotic insecurity.

Manicheism (the good vs the bad) has never proven to be a constructive attitude. There is far too much complexity in the world to try to come up with a universal explanation for everything.


Ive been looking for something I can do about all the hate towards men and boys in or society today. I think ive finally found somtwhere that has a well written, professional looking feel to it.I am going to do the flyer at the urinal thing. I alreay have a couple spots Im thinking of putting them. Please keep up this fight. This is the right thing to do...

The Futurist


Thanks! And yes, post flyers! It will take only 1000 hours collectively, and yet too few guys are doing the pavement-pounding.

Your flyers in good spots might be seen by hundreds of men, and if even a few get educated, and then themselves post flyers or do something else, things can turn around.

The only reason feminism is still advancing is because too few men know what is really going on.

M. Simon

I so much wanted to say this in response to last year's article and was thinking OT comment. This is better.

I was doing "Game" before it became fashionable. About 45 years ago.

My favorite "trick" was asking a woman to "sleep naked with me - no sex". Of course once she takes her clothes off she thinks "I'm going to get laid". You can see it in her eyes.

Then I sleep with them naked and keep my promise - no sex (well maybe a little fondling).

About 3/4 of the women I tried that on came back gagging for it.

I met my current mate that way. Thirty seven years ago. Four children. She told me something about her attitude. "Is there something wrong with me? Is he gay?" The "I don't need you" attitude works miracles with females. Plus if she talks you into bed it is hard to then claim "rape".

I sent this (last year's article) to my mate and my kids (oldest 28) so they can be prepared. I also blogged it. My mate is still amused at my successful seduction technique.


On a more personal note: back in the day other guys were always amazed and how I seemed to score with beautiful women. The current mate met all my criteria (Except she is 1 inch too short. We like to laugh about that. She claims to be on the short side of tall.) I'm a breast man (well a big butt is nice) and got exactly what I wanted in that dept. - not too big - not too small. To be precise - a handful. I have big hands.

And another note: real mating is a spiritual exercise. I practiced that with all the women I loved. And I loved the vast majority - once I figured out that loveless sex was worthless.

Explore Nature

Actually there are not enough people who are sensitive to understand this situation.

Now it is time to re-investigate about the real nature of sexuality according to the evolution of life. Misandry is a serious problem. It is an outcome of feminism and feminist movements. Feminists are trying to spread out male hatred attitudes. And also they are spreading out an unpleasant attitude about heterosexual people.



I will be printing another 100+ mini fliers that I can fit in my pocket and place in every vacant stall and urinal. My fliers attempt to warn men away from marriage and alert them to the fact we have a misandry bubble and to pass out red pills to other men. Once we reach 1000 hours, we should go for 2000 hours! What's your predictions regarding the progress men are making and the cracks in the misandry bubble?

M. Simon

The Futurist,

I'm wondering if all this misandry is a result of sexually abused women? Solanis, Dworkin, et. al. evidence all the symptoms. And the large cohort who follow them are in some sense bedfellows.

Was there a large rise in sexual abuse on account of WW2?

Has it continued? Or will the next generation be better off? Perhaps the absence of men in the family caused it. Which says that we are becoming worse off.

Any way - food for thought.

The Futurist

M. Simon,

No, no. Not abuse. A lot of 'feminists' have had overprivileged rich-girl lives.

Remember that a lot of 'feminists' a) want to punish ALL men for the evils of just 1% of men, and b) want to redefine rape and DV to make it easy for a man to be jailed simply for not being attractive enough. 40-50% of all rape accusations are false.

'Feminists' have a seething need to persecute innocent men.

M. Simon

The Futurist,

a) want to punish ALL men for the evils of just 1% of men,

I think you made my point. That is in fact a characteristic of sexually abused women. The earlier the abuse the more the rage.

As to my questions. Thanks for the answer.

BTW as I recall Solanis was a street girl not one of the privileged.

I think if you look deeper into it you will find that 3rd wave feminism is being led by a bunch of defective women (you knew that) and the defect is sexual abuse in childhood.

I once had a long term relationship with an abused woman (she said I saved her life - it cost a lot but I was glad to do it - being Jewish and all [if you save one life it is as if you saved the world - but I'm glad to be out of the crazy]) and the rage and sexual dysfunction was amazing to behold. OTOH when it was good it was very good (including wild and crazy).

Anyway these "modern" feminists remind me of that woman. They need men (see the comment in one of your posts about the PUA who got a stone feminist) and at the same time can't stand them.

It was really amazing - the woman had two major personalities. Ms Pain and Crystal. Ms Pain was in charge most of the time and Crystal was only let out (partially) for sex. Crystal would do anything. Next day Ms Pain would be out complaining about what I did with Crystal (who at the time of the sex was very willing).

Well needless to say getting bashed the next day for showing her a good time wore thin. Even if I was saving her life.

BTW my spiritual connection with her (when she would let me open it) was excellent. Transcendental. It wasn't enough to convince her to put the work in to make it permanent. Something I had learned to do by age 30 (I came from an abusive family and was a very angry young man - on my way to a long life in prison had I not fixed my major defects - I went on to work my way up from bench technician to aerospace engineer).

Anyway. Abuse changes you mentally and it is very hard to change back. The Zen folks say 2/3rds of men can do it and only 1/3rd of women. I think their estimate for women is high. Maybe to encourage women to give it a try.

M. Simon

BTW the Muslim custom of killing raped women makes perfect sense for tribes living on the edge.

Fortunately we are rich and can afford to carry them. If they don't make too much trouble. But we may have passed the point of affordability. This will end badly - as you have pointed out.

I wish we had a good way to heal such women. We don't.

I'd also like to leave you with a stat. About 70% of female heroin addicts were sexually abused as children. So that might be a way. If such treatment was legal. Too much gubbermint.


The Futurist

M. Simon,

Remember that if just 1% of women were abused, that does not account for why 30-50% are hard feminists, the rest just go whichever way the wind is blowing, and hardly 1% of women even remotely care about the injustices to men. If there is a radical fringe by itself, that is not a big problem. But if the majority are quite happy to look to other way or quietly condone extreme misandry, that is a much bigger problem,

Also, men being cuckolded is just as traumatic, if not more, than a woman being raped. Yet cuckolding is not even punished under present US law.

Anyway. Abuse changes you mentally and it is very hard to change back.

Too bad that a man who either was falsely accused of rape, or was cuckolded, has no recourse in this society.

M. Simon

The 1% are man haters and the 30+% see elevating that as a way to power. Of course they will be sorry. It will ruin the lives of those who favor the policy as much as it will hurt those opposed. But like all "BIG" ideas people can not think past the initial ramifications. "Men will no longer beat women" is the big idea. "Government will use this power to beat you" is not even considered.

You can see that same pattern in the Right's avidity for Drug Prohibition.

They all forget this:

"Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." attributed to Geo. Washington

As a commenter on my blog repeatedly says: It is statists vs anti-statists. Right and left have no meaning except to define which things the particular brand of statists thinks is important.

BTW I'm linking to your post on Republican failure. Should drive some traffic your way. It will be going up on Classical Values first.

M. Simon

Perhaps I should make myself clearer. The point of outing the 1% is to see if it is possible to separate them from the other 30% to 50%. i.e. a marketing tool.


The most blatant form of misandry in our society is male circumcision.


Right out of high school I spent some time managing a convenience store. Not sure if any of you ever came across this or not, but for a few years I was getting dollar bills stamped with a message entitled "Where's George". It included a website address where you could go to type in the serial number of the bill and track it's movement and see where it had been. Anyway, the point is, everytime someone would go to hand me one of those bills (and I came across a LOT of them) they would notice the writing, read it, and comment on it. Now, I know that defacing money is against the law, and being the law abiding citizen that I am, I would NEVER encourage anyone to actually do this, but it occured to me that this would be an excellent way to spread the word about the Men's Rights Movement. When you spend a larger bill, it usually just ends up going to the bank where, I assume, it would be taken out of circulation. But a smaller bill ($1 or $5) is almost always handed back out as change. If someone were to write something on one of those bills, maybe a statistic, a slogan, or a URL, then that bill would be almost certain to pass through dozens if not hundreds of hands. And in my experience, anything written on a bill will almost always spark enough curiosity for a person to take the time to read it. And even though as I said, defacing currency is against the law, and therefore I would NEVER encourage anyone to do it, it also occurs to me that it would be virtually impossible for anyone to get caught doing this. There is no way for anyone to trace the bill back to you or prove that you're the one who wrote the message. Also, it's something that an MRA could do in the privacy of his own home, with a minimal amount of effort in a matter of seconds which has the potential to reach hundreds of men. I was thinking (if I was actually going to do this, which of course I won't) maybe a statistic (the rate of male vs. female workplace fatalities, combat deaths, rates of suicide, incarcaration rates, victim of violent crime rates, etc.) along with the slogan "Which gender is REALLY oppressed?" and possibly finish it off with a URL to a Men's Rights site. Although I don't want to get any of the sites in trouble, so maybe the URL idea might not be such a great one. Anyway, any thoughts?

The Futurist


Thanks for the idea. Generally, though, anything that is against the law, particularly against feminism, could get us in trouble.

A flyer over a Urinal would be a 'first' for many viewers, and they will remember it at future visits to other urinals, as the memory is seared into their mind, and so every visit will remind them about misandry....

But either way, keep up your activism. Even a small number of us can make a difference. Don't get psyched out if it appears that too few others are doing it - that is offset by the fact that each flyer can be seen by hundreds of men.


We will not make any progress against misandry until male genital mutilation, aka circumcision is banned, and men have the same protection women do.


I've flyered some restrooms, except with business cards instead of flyers. Business cards are easier for someone to take home(and I figure that once a man takes the business card home, he's almost certain to visit and read the websites). Right now I'm sending people to delusiondamage, after those run out I'll order another batch that refer people to the misandry bubble.

Also, I would quibble with you on the 80% figure wrt game. I think it goes more like this:

20% of men will comprehend game quickly and readily after they're introduced to it.
60% of men will resist the concepts initially, but will acknowledge them after enough convincing(varies).
20% of men will never, ever, accept that game works. No matter what.

Of course, out of the 80% of men who can understand game, only 20% at most will ever have the will practice it on any meaningful level.

John Robie

Interesting post. There's lots of things to take into account when looking at entire cultures and political bodies. On a smaller smaller in personal relationships with women (or just people around me), I've found it's best just to shut my mouth and listen to what they have to say instead of drop polemics on them. Anyway, good luck.


I wonder if a kind of more consistent feminism might not be the answer to your problems.

Hear me out for a second. Women who are actually able to take care of themselves -- women with significant earning power -- don't need a husband's support. They don't need alimony. They don't need quotas or employment biases in their favor. If more women had technical/scientific skills and started businesses, the feminization of the professional world would be less of an economic problem. (Those women wouldn't all be paper-pushers in the public or semi-public sector; more of them would be producing jobs.) The majority of the problems laid out in "The Misandry Bubble" would be solved or reduced if women weren't a semi-dependent class.

I know this whole thing is marketed to men, so you're going to do what you're going to do, but sometimes what's good for women is good for you as well.

The Futurist


women with significant earning power

A lot of women have such earnings only due to government intervention on their behalf. They would not be able to earn even half has much in a meritocracy.

So the proportion of women who can truly hack it on their own in a meritocracy is not very high.

They don't need quotas or employment biases in their favor.

Again, the number of such women is smaller than you may think. Howcome the more competent women aren't fighting quotas, since clearly they suffer from the assumption that affirmative action helped them.

The majority of the problems laid out in "The Misandry Bubble" would be solved or reduced if women weren't a semi-dependent class.

Of course. Then again, we live in a world where women both claim superiority and victimhood at the same time. It is truly remarkable.

but sometimes what's good for women is good for you as well.

So you should be fighting feminism, as feminism ultimately will harm women more than men (see the executive summary).


I have created an EPS file with a QR code for http://www.avoiceformen.com . It's easy enough to customise.




Ivan Durak translates into

John Idiot



Hello Futurist, I've translated your article and uploaded an espanish version on my blog: La Burbuja de la Misandría (traducción).



Thanks for your article and in appreciation i've upladed the traslation in my blog.


I have translated the Misandry Bubble on spanish.

He traducido la Burbuja de la Misandria al Español.


...very successful polpee who have come from single-mother homes.We all can think of instances where a person from rose from poor circumstances to succeed, but much more often this is not the case."Role Models" don't do the trick --- there doesn't seem to be the same commitment.Amen. How many times have you heard a grandparent say, "I can spoil my grandkids and then take them back to their home." And bailout when times get rough. (Not all do but depending on potentially available role models is a poor plan.Throughout all of history, mothers were taken in childbirth and fathers in wars.", the maternal death rate was 608 deaths per 100,000 live births. By 2003, that had dropped to 12 per 100,000 live births,..."Looking at this statistic, one could assume that children were more commonly raised by their fathers than they are now. Fathers have always played an important role in child rearing. To ignore or deny this is pure folly.


I thought this is not true, until it hpeaenpd to my family. My son is 6'0" 200 lbs., his wife 5'3" 120 lbs.One night I got a call from my son that his wife had beaten him up! I was shocked, knowing how big a guy he is and how easily he can knock his wife if he so wanted. But no, this thing hpeaenpd several times, for at least a year, until he built some guts to separate from her.Shocking, really!


About the peeing... I don't know about Scandinavia but I rcelntey read on a blog that it's an issue in Germany. The thing is that toilets are made with a ledge inside (it's complicated but likely googleable) and peeing standing up is likely to splatter pee all over. If they have similar toilets in Scandinavia I might be sympathetic to the idea that peeing standing up is aggressive toward the person who is likely to clean up.Second point: The first comment mentions Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch, etc. These are my kid's favorite shows; daughters and son. Those and Good Eats. I suppose it's a good sign for young men in particular because it shows people doing hard dirty dangerous work (oh, they like that pest control show too) that needs to be done and gives a great deal of respect to those who do it. I think it's valuable for girls, too, to see that admiration and respect for the unpleasant and often thankless tasks that keep the world working.


This is a truly ominous trend. Why women would deidce to "stop waiting" for a baby is one thing; the prospect of their children growing up without fathers, relegated systematically to day care custodians and the tender mercies of public school authoritarians is quite another. Don't we have enough of that -- and enough of the associated social pathologies -- already?And nothing can be done about it through the mechanisms of the law.

Sharon J.

I really like your blog! I especially like your particularly astute observation that the marketing space about the urinals are hardly ever used for reasons other than free sex. I agree this is highly valuable rhetorical space. It's hard to reach the male audience.

Nguyen Van Minh

The problem with misandry is that if the bubble will burst without the populance knowing about the misandry that has effec... infectec America and the West it shall lay the ground for another misandry bubble to inflate. Right now countless of bursted bubbles are ''revived'' and re-invlated because you can simply pull the same prank if you brand it under another name. M.R.M.'s should gain a lot of ground and may even share it with ''a feminist clique'' (the present power as of 2013, the M.R.M.'s will dissolve themselves as will the feminists as they will truly fuse into the new zeitgeist as their mission would be complete (taking the role of mid-20th century Dutch feminism (our 2nd wave) that actually abolished itself after they've completed their goal), as organizations are not living-creatures, cannot die as one, and do not act and think as one.

These movements are brought up as goals and when they're reached they should stop existing, for every ''women's issue'' there is, there are hundreds of not thousands of unspoken ''men's issues'', if M.R.M.'s will not get a historical note in tomorrows history books these issues will be forgotten, and the same misandry bubble can be re-inflated under another ideal, another idea, and the same group (under another, if not the same name) shall inflate it.

I've seen countless of M.R. Groups being created, and the good thing is that most will co-operate, but the problem is that there are countless of feminist organizations ''2nd-wave feminists'' co-exist with ''3rd-wave feminists'', and there are countless of types of feminists, I'm not saying that the M.R.M. is different in variety, but for some reason most M.R.M.'s won't do the most simple things like organize caller-groups to organize and massively complain against misandric commercials and other media.

The misandric culture advances because the most simple and practical solutions are excecuted by us, and we need to organize not only protests and awareness but also fomalize complaints against misandry when we see it.

Awareness is the first step leaders (and inevitably radicals) shall rise with this new-found clique.

Nguyen Van Minh

Also, if the bubble will quietly go, it can also quietly re-inflate, because no-one would've ever noticed it was there in the first place. Exposure will stop it from re-inflating on a long-term basis. It shouldn't go down violently either, that'll mean a fast revolution that could break down the old powers (which could later be interpreted by future (¿4th-wave-)feminists as ''a victory for the patriarchy''), and reasoning with the feminists will also not work, the only answer is have open dialogues, the feminists (wether 2nd- or 3rd-wave) can still exist but must give the idea of co-operating with us a serious thought, and stop classifying themselves as feminists because as the Amazing Atheists puts it,

calling yourself either a feminist or a masculist will mean that you only care for the wellbeing of one side, this would appeal to all ''true equal rights activists'' on the side of the feminists, if the feminists themselves will take radical feminism less serious, they could become our (potential) biggest ally, if we play our cards right.

If the bubble will bursts with the green light of both sides, the feminists ''could save some face'', and the radical feminist yoke will become the radical feminist joke.


Don't know how many of you are fans of the HBO television show The Newsroom. But I forwarded the Misandry Bubble to their Facebook page. If sometime you see this idea brought up in season 3 you now know why. If anyone has the balls to bring it up, the desire, and is a public figure, its Aaron Sorkin.

bob dillan

The message that the original article came up with is too muddled. One thing I learned from the "pro-lifers" is that you need a really simple and striking idea to cause outrage. Debating pro-lifers I found that it can be tough to circumvent the proverbial elephant in the room while trying to make your point. Any of these quips can be easily dismissed, or the whole men's right movement can be dwindled down to a bunch of wimpy men whining.

"Modern men are unappreciated."

This is really a simple appeal that all men can relate to. The feminist movement can mean that men have sacrificed more, rather then men being total pushovers. It's just a subtle adjustment that will keep more male egos intact. I do feel that men will sacrifice an almost unlimited amount if what they do is appreciated. Those working business men on a business trip will often times wonder if what they are doing is worth it. If they are not appreciated, which isn't uncommon, then the message will speak to him. The married guy who gets chastised when he comes home will understand this. The war vets might also feel like this.

After the message relates to a person's personal experience, you can begin to project it outward into society. But if there isn't an immediate connect I don't feel like it has enough pull for most men to be interested.

You could have a message like so:

Our veterans don't receive the care they deserve. Are modern men appreciated for their sacrifice?

Why does the government support women, but not men? Why are men's contributions to society so under appreciated?

All of the good men are still here, why don't women see and appreciate them?

Why can't some men who pay child support see their children? Is their financially contribution unappreciated?

Why does the media only appreciate feminized men?

Why do single mothers insist that a father isn't necessary? Why is the husband so under appreciated?

How much does a man have to do to be appreciated? It is always never enough.

Feminism: A man can never be good enough.

Would society be where it is today without men? Why are men treated like second class citizens?

Modern man: someone who sacrifices everything and gets nothing.

The modern man is a man servant.

Divorce: why wouldn't a women do it for half your stuff?

Why would a women want to work when she can get married.


As far as I am concerned, if you can't make a simple and concise point that has emotional appeal, then you have no political ground to stand on. You have to be able to make your point very quickly, and then everything else you say is really just fluff to get people more riled up.

Thomas Paine

Futurist. It's been over 6 years now since this was posted. Do you think the flier technique made a difference and are you still on a trajectory for 2020 as the misandry bubble pop? Having just stumbled on this site I am contemplating the flier idea.

The Futurist

Hi Thomas,

The flyers posted in 2011 did a lot to grow the online presence of anti-misandry sites. The red-pill reddit had just 2000 members then, but has 200,000 now.

Yes, it would still help if you post flyers now. It is easy to be discreet and anonymous in doing so.

Yes, the misandry bubble is still on track to pop by 2020. Although most clueless people will still not notice much (just as they are not aware how misandry is so much more pervasive now than in 1970).


Well, am Johnny come lately but why not, I've thoroughly enjoyed your discussion above and must admit the replies are worth trying especially on the ideas about the flyers.


If people that write articles cared more about writing great material like you, more readers would read their content. It’s refreshing to find such original content in an otherwise copy-cat world. Thank you so much.

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