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Ray Manta

There's an article on VR porn at http://alphagameplan.blogspot.com/2016/04/the-future-for-low-ranking-males.html. Vox Day argues that the technological bar for a VR or augmented reality setup with a doll is very close to being cleared.

The opinions in the comments range from conspiracy theory level (the FI put a VR porn company out of business for being "too good" and it won't allow sex substitutes for men to ever exceed a certain threshold of realism") to skepticism that it will be "good enough" be 2020.

What's your take on this? Has you position on "good enough" VR porn changed in any way since your misandry bubble essay?


Looks like VR porn has landed. Good luck now dragging the betas out of their masterbatoriums to run the machinery of civilisation for thankless women.


Just to mention, Porn is not just for men(although the percentages are different)




Would really like to see a youtube video with video game footage milestones from the years, I bet it would be viral. You obviously need a decent video game capture box, so checkout http://www.gamecapturepro.com/ they have reviews of the very best boxes and cards.

Kartik Gada


They do have videos like that on YouTube, that speed through 1976-present with examples of each.

In general, the improvement in polygon resolution is 25%/year (the square root of Moore's Law, since a pixel of half the length takes one-fourth of the area).

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