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Unfortunately, positions open when there's budget not when there's work to be done. In the large companies it requires a lot of lobbying. And for a manager the more reports one has the better. Even if their only ability is to fog a mirror

Kartik Gada


All of which means they want this process to be faster than it is now..


On a side-note:

Photovoltaic cell prices are dropping like rocks. If people can generated their own power off-grid cheaply and in large enough quantities, you'll see people leaving large urban settings (it's too expensive, too crowded, no community "feel", you can get the same benefits with less hassle, etc.)

Very interesting...



Indeed, and combine that with the longer range offered by driverless cars (sleep or work while you commute, at a higher speed) and more common telecommuting, we could see a real disruption to real estate prices in urban centres.

Kartik Gada


Yes, that is long overdue. Particularly in the Bay Area, which is expensive only because of the hills in between making any cheaper areas no less than 70 miles away...

Plus, people can cast a wider net for jobs. Someone in Orange County can look for jobs in either Los Angeles or San Diego. Someone in Canton can realistically look in three cities (Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Columbus). This is great for two-income couples...

Remember that each 10% increase in realistic commuting distance is 21% more land area covered.


As a side disruption... this will massively hollow out the HR industry, which, as we know is 90% women. What is the result of this in the ongoing fight over "gender pay gap"? What is the result of many women being unemployed out of high status careers that they are used to? Will it result in a downshifting of the hypergamy window?

The ripples of disruption are always interesting to consider as a thought experiment!

Kartik Gada


Yes, that will happen. The government will intervene to stop the flow, but then technology will adapt around it until the government can no longer keep up.


I've been sending out like 300 job application emails per week for months now. No job.

Unless the government starts providing a guaranteed basic income for all people, there is going to be mass rioting and violence. More and more jobs will be lost to technology, so this is the only option. Otherwise a communist revolution will happen.

Kartik Gada


Read what I wrote here :


It is a path to UBI that rises exponentially AND leads to eventual phase-out of all income tax.

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