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Good choice. Not to mention the world wide web would not exist without substantial memory improvements.

It is interesting to see that we are now a world where nothing is forgotten. It is not all to the good, especially as I see people damned for minor sins committed decades ago. No wonder teens today seem so neurotic.

Kartik Gada

Many capabilities of great value happened without any fanfare.

For example, anyone can send an email with a 10 MB attachment to, say, 10 recipients. The amount of storage needed suddenly rose 10x, but there is so much now that this capability is not a network and hard drive saturating practice.

But no one remembers when attachments become possible for emails. What was the exact day? Or even the exact year?

Similarly, if a .pdf is posted on a website and available for download (such as my AI report), if 1000 people download it, that is a huge amount of aggregate storage occupied in a one-to-many system that only became commoditized very recently.

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