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Stephen Murray

Will it be available as a video afterwards on youtube or similar?

Ned C.

Really enjoying the webinar.


Hi KG,

The presentation worked well, even for someone with a print preference such as myself, so I think you should definitely make a copy available.
Quick rhetorical points:
Good description of decisioning making using nominal gdp
Automation by tax burden didn’t sell me, I would go straight to migrating income tax to QED, and then explain how money printing is tech/AI/automation doing its tax burden
I think negative income tax is to complicated a term, I think if you split off the need for taxes, UBI will be a fine term.
Temporal inequality is not a convincer for anyone who is not already future thinking.
Cheers, Drew

Kartik Gada

Thanks Ned and Drew!


I have thought about that, but all other ideas for UBI (including from Andrew Yang) all involve higher taxes, which has tainted the term greatly. Go to any Republican website and 'UBI' equals socialism.


It was not recorded, but it is generally the same as the Google Talk and other videos you have already seen, aside from some commentary on Covid-19 impact.

Mitch Green

Only caught last 20min of meeting. Thrown by notice of 5pm appointment being Amsterdam time. First time using Zoom.

My question for you is what is giving you certainty that US isn't slow motion implementing your ATOM concept?

I wouldn't say I have understanding enough to be for or against your prescriptions, but it sure looks like Trump/Mnuchin/Powell are slow motion putting the pieces of that in place while using the cover of the virus.

Mitch Green

Kyle bass is on Twitter signaling plans to give every American $10,000 in exchange for delayed payment of SS by two years. How can this not be the initial steps of moving toward your scheme?

Kartik Gada

Mitch Green,

If so, that would be a step in the right direction, yes.

Charles Sage

Is there anyone who offers an interpretation/explanation of The Atom hypothesis for the uninitiated, i.e., us mere mortals? I believe if the general pubic could fully grasp the significance of this methodology it would capture their imaginations and lead to immediate, if not sooner, implementation.

Kartik Gada

Hello Charles,

Thanks, and welcome!

On the media page of the ATOM, there is a one-hour Google Talk video, as well as some other interviews on talk shows :


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