Thanks for this! There is so much to ponder here.

On Imran Khan's piece alone, I didn't think anything could top the original Misandry Bubble, but you have outdone yourself here, sir!


My god! It's full of stars!

Gems, rather. A lot of them!

That is an intimidating tower of jam-packed knowledge. It is going to be a month before I can vote in the poll. I already feel my brain being pushed further than it has been pushed in ages.


Brilliant article, thank you.

But honestly you should pursue a future in comedy:

“Their Brain - Vagina interface is obsolete”

All time classic line. Brilliant..

Satoshi Nakamoto

Have been anticipating this for quite some time. Really interesting piece by Khan. I plead with every man reading this to exercise extreme caution if you actually follow through and use game on any western woman. I shouldn't have to tell you why that is the riskiest behavior one can partake of in the west.


^^ Satoshi is talking nonsense, all men should learn game.

The situation is entirely the opposite, it’s much riskier go through life without understanding or using game, than it is to go through life understanding it and using it..

Learn game.

Kit Fisto


I already feel that I will learn more from this article and all its links than from all the school and college that I sat through and paid for.

I feel a ripple in the Force!

Thanks for exposing cuckservatives (pardon me, CLUCKservatives) for what they really are. I had a vague perception about this, but now it seems like a fuzzy image has snapped into focus.

In Pain

Thank you for pointing out how there are fake MRAs who just phonies who bilked money from suffering men, without actually doing any activism. They are just the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of their niche. All they do is prolong the suffering of men already shredded by the system. Couldn't they find a different source for their marks?

The two most visible fake MRAs are Paul Elam, and the deceased Angry Harry. I hope there are no men still giving money to Paul Elam. I wonder how much he swindled.


As good as last decade's article! Impressive!


I've been waiting a long time to read this. The long awaited sequel to one of the best articles ever written. The inflation and deflation of the Misandry Bubble is something that occupied much of my attention. It was a force I knew was constantly at work in the background, even though its progress couldn't always be directly observed.

I must say that while the bubble hasn't burst yet, it is well on its way to doing so. In perhaps 5 years, thats when we'll finally see the 'snap', when the costs of feminism transfer away from men and onto women.


was excited to read this but felt a bit disappointed.. no more real predictions just seemed like doubling down on the first article which i enjoyed.

one thing i totally didn't get was the whole "i'm islamic.. go have sex with women and have their orbiters pay for the expenses"

like does your religion tell u that that makes sense? i just don't really get how/why u would tout a religion and then say something so void of any integrity.. it just makes u and your religion look bad as you endorse premarital sex with multiple women (something u admit is bad for women) then you say orbiters want to pay for your trysts which is wholly untrue



I think what he means is that there are so many manginas and whiteknights that transferring costs to them is pragmatic and necessary.

As far as casual sex, it is a 'when in Rome....' philosophy. He isn't saying everyone should comply with Islamic morals. When RooshV did a 180 from being a PUA to becoming a deeply traditional Christian, he was skewered by thousands. By contrast, I don't see anything very inconsistent between Imran Khan's writings 10 years ago vs now.

Tupac Chopra

Been waiting to read this for a decade.

Here's to the next recession!

Ira Rubenstein


I don't agree. I see at least a dozen new predictions in the article (that too just Imran's half, and not just in 11(e)).


That is a looooong post.

"we may never have a large number of humans living in space."

Poppycock! Well, maybe you are right. But consider AI will be sent to colonize a planet - build habitats and industry. People will go when all the hard dangerous work is long done.

If there was a complete Lunar colony, built and ready for occupancy, and a safe transportation system to get there, are you saying 5-10,000 people would be convinced to go, out of a world population of 10 billion? How about a constructed orbital habitat with 100% earth normal gravity and every possible amenity?

Think of planets, asteroids, mars, the moon as simply undeveloped real estate. My guess is it will all get developed. the moon is the perfect place for heavy industrialization - imagine moving all aluminum and iron smelters off world, where we could care less about pollution. Unlimited free energy. The materials are delivered back to earth via electromagnetic cannon, heat shield, and parachutes. Along with all the gold, rare earths, etc, all refined and ready for use, we will ever need.


Great work. Sad to see him go, mostly because nothing much happened over the 10 years; it only crystallized. I agree that it was mostly due to the fact that the recession and big downturn in world economies still awaits us ...

That said, it is somewhat uplifting that people can sniff the BS, and maybe the can being kicked down the road will make people throw it all away when the economic crisis hits, as that is all that's holding the western [multicultural, failed] experiments together.

My only disagreement regarding just a few of his points (I agree I'd say with 90% or so) are the California one (let them die and then beg to get back in), and the Islamic points. But I'd expect that he wouldn't touch on how backward both of those topics are.

His explanation of Post First World is indeed, a gem. What he really gets at, and even understands this through many clear references in the piece, are that postmodern/first world/etc. really all mean "Post Christian."

After all, that's the value system that made for all of the prosperity and advancement that the world ever saw.

Can we correct the Patricidal ways, or must it collapse?

I fear it is the latter.

Monte Creesto

Oh but they DID cast 007 as a woman recently!

Question for Imran and anyone else who wishes to chime in: How do you cope with the depression that (potentially) comes with possessing such a vast knowledge and understanding of such unpleasant truths about women and the current world around us?


Monte Creesto,

That is a different 00 agent. Not Bond (007).


New Years Resolution: Document 100 daytime approaches.


"Sexbots are still no closer to reality than they were in 2010"

I know you're a VR shill but this is just intellectually dishonest.


Jaims and futurists-

I had about the same reaction toward the end as his writing shifted away from insightful assertions and supporting evidence to contrived denunciation, disappointment. It was the repeated attacks against Conservatism, particularly American Conservatism, which in contrast to the rest of the material is needlessly over-represented to the point of ad naseum that I felt that he lost the plot (and consequently revealed more than intended I am beginning to think).

To start, I don’t disagree with the condemnations of hypocrisy espoused by the “Conservatives” that you tend to find promoted in mainstream media, that is so-called Christian Right-leaning pundits or other blatantly profit-driven “thought leaders”, but Imran only briefly touched on a theme I’m compelled to expand upon greatly, “Democracy is merely a dictatorship by whomever controls the media” (ref 17a). In other words, it can be inferred that people generally operate based upon the dominant programming they receive through repetition, or put another way, most people believe and do what they are told from trusted sources of authority within the bounds of their respective/collective Overton window (see manufacturing consent and warfare).

Until the last decade, the vehicle for the dominant programming of the West has been audio-visual media experienced most effectively through television and film. Anyone on this forum, I think, will recognize this truth to be self-evident and is probably acutely aware and sensitized to the increasing pressure for censorship and control of the narrative over the post modern printing press we call the internet. It strikes me as peculiar how amongst all of Mr. Kahn’s analysis, there is an absence, made stark by consequence of its omission in his macro-level exploration, of the influence that this medium has had in creating and shaping the Misandry Bubble in the West. Furthermore, the lack of interest from Mr. Kahn in the parties who predominantly owned and produced “programming” for the public’s consumption is also worthy of taking notice of.

In the spirit of Imran’s statement, I would assert that the today’s cultural-influencing sphere of Christianity in the West did not find itself in the throes of Cultural Marxism and the subsequent prostration before the gynocratic throne organically. Rather, this has been product of a long campaign to subvert an existing culture and traditions with one that is inherently gynocratic a characteristic belonging to a culture of influential outsides who have been extremely successful in propagating their value system over the previously dominant one. Therefore, to culminate his diligent work highlighting examples of misandry in the repeated condemnation of Conservatism (essentially erecting what amounts to a Western Patriarchal effigy) comes off as intellectually dishonest and is even somewhat reminiscent of the now very tired trope of blatant hatred expressed by the majority of “Get Woke, Go Broke” campaigns attacking white males, Christianity, and their Patriarchal roots of which Westerners are inundated with today.

In my opinion, no one today illuminates the influences of Hollywood film and television on America and the Western culture better than youtuber Blackpilled, see his excellent video, Selling Divorce on the West, on the correlation between divorce rates after the 1960s and the infuence of Hollywood films across what used to be the Anglosphere in the first 45 seconds of this 9 minute video.

See his video on How Boomers Were Taught to Hate (Themselves) (16 mins) for a prime example of how Patriarchal (sustainable) American Christian culture was deconstructed and diminished by contrasting contrived caricatures of this culture against an elevated Jewish-identity savior archetype in the 1979 film, Norma Rae. As mentioned in the video, this strategy of misrepresentation and mis-characterization in order to attack traditions, subvert cultural norms, and generally lower standards of decency is so common in film it is difficult for the indoctrinated to even begin to recognize it unless they have been sensitized in it’s recognition, after which you cannot help but wonder how this form of manipulation wasn’t noticed all along.

And see again, Pawnbreaking our Culture (37 mins) for a vivid representation of how early and mid 20th century WASP culture and laws such as the Hays code
were subverted over-time by powerful Marxists (Jewish) influences in order to push and ultimately destroy decency standards against pornography and other Christian-based influence that served to maintain codes of conduct. It is not difficult to recognize where this trail of degeneracy has led us to today (increasing gender confusion, normalization of pedophilia, demonic transgenderism foisted upon children's story hour in public libraries, etc.). The trend only seems to accelerate in the West.

Moreover, look into the history of pornography in America and the ownership of these companies (see Mindgeek and all of their holdings as a contemporary example). One classic example of Jewish domination in the pornography “industry” is a quote from Al Goldstein, a Jewish American pornographer who said the following when asked why Jews were dramatically over-represented in the porn industry, “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don't believe in authoritarianism.” Indeed!

There are so many examples of Jewish subversion that have spread and flourished because of the exploitative mentality that Imran seems to extol (Game ref 16i – exploitation of women’s inherent biological weaknesses), (Female Psychology and Aptitude ref 12o – promotion of negative life choices for exploitative profit). This value, or lacktherof, is actively promoted and more importantly, regularly rewarded (think about the types who move up in American Corporate hierarchy), in what has become to be known by the world through popular media consumption as modern Western culture. The number of willing participants who will adopt ( the now normative permissive mentality of “when in Rome” toward such culturally destructive pursuits (think long term consequences of unprincipled lifestyles → declining birthrates → future belongs to those who show up (ref 20d)) is likely well past the point of return for many Western countries, that many people who might have otherwise been led to a life of purpose are instead enticed and led astray (11diii) by the rotten fruit, pornography just being one such example, made so readily available to the masses.

Make no mistake, I’m not against learning the principles of Game in order to protect yourself and your immediate community from bad actors and the State, but as someone who prefers to live in a k-selected society, who has an inherent value system congruous to this desire, and who has previously been led and led others away from principled and dignified paths it is not only reasonable but prudent to judge harshly those who advocate the unprincipled behavior that favors r-selection social and economic interactions, the product of which is ultimately degeneracy and disgenics.

The video examples I listed are all incredibly illuminating and should be extremely instructive, especially for young Americans, in reconciling how is it we are where we are in this all-encompassing Misandry Bubble. The American public, and really the West at large, has been subjected to the same cultural influences directed (literally) by the same ethnic group for decades now and one of the many fruits born of undisciplined tolerance for this Cultural programming is feminism which you see heavily promoted in virtually all mediums of entertainment and media (ref 11v for one example that Imran listed). Even Jewish publications such as Hadassah Magazine have published lamentations about the predominance of Jewish representation in early radical feminist movements and the fear of which potentially stoking blanket criticism of Jews.

The fact that this extremely relevant topic isn’t addressed, even if only to preempt and counter-act any points like I am making now is highly suspicious to me considering that one will encounter these ideas searching the internet with even cursory curiosity into macro themes associated with feminism and misandry. For readers who have made it thus far, a more in-depth study and spiritual explanation and critique of Jewish influence on traditional Christianity, see E. Michael Jone’s book, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit or, for brevity (lol), view the hour long discussion video contained within.

Now I have to apologize as, from everything I’ve read on this site, the issues I am raising can be construed as somewhat disrespectful to Kartik who I think largely seeks to abstain from any negative correlations associated with contrasting the mass expressions of culture stemming from the average inherent characteristics and beliefs of differing ethnic/racial groups of people by anchoring this site to the realm of technological advancement, but I can’t let the effigy erected by Mr. Kahn burn without offering a counter-argument to the division that he seems to want to stoke between what remains of the declining Conservative Christian West and the aptly described, growing Muslim East. In the interest of respectful free speech, I hope that these my words are allowed equal and fair consideration.

Now, on a fundamental level, there would be NO conflict between what remains of the Christian West and the Muslim world if it were not for purposeful steering of interventionism. The typical American mentality can be summarized exactly in the reaction of former presidential candidate Gary Johnson in 2016 when confronted on topical Middle Eastern foreign policy where he reacted with the sentiment: “What is Aleppo?” (1 min). That is, with ignorance and nonchalance. Fact is, most Americans, like most other peoples, are isolationist, live and let live and the outspoken zionistic “Christians” are mostly pawns whipped into a frenzy by exploitative and propagandized religious leadership in support of foreign intervention at the behest of their “greatest ally” due to influential organized lobbying efforts. The flock does what it is told just as “Democracy is a dictatorship by whomever controls the media” as Mr. Kahn elogently surmised.

This manufactured conflict between cultures and ideologies is exclusively due to artificially induced proximity. What am I saying? Allow Christians and Muslims to live apart as they have (the world is plenty big enough and has been for a very long time) and there are no problems associated with forced multi-culturalism. Deliberately bring these factions together whether through subversive immigration or interventionist foreign policy (see the completely falsified 9/11 justification for invading Iraq and subsequent military campaigns), the result is tension and conflict. This play of humanity has been repeated numerous times throughout history with completely predictable results and it’s long past time to start looking at who the puppetmasters are orchestrating these inevitable and predictable human tragedies.

I know you can see exactly where I am going with this. Which ethnic lobbyist group holds the most power in the American political sphere and commands interventionist foreign policy identically irrespective of the political party currently in charge of the executive branch? You guessed it, Israel. The youtuber CaspianReport, renown for his neutral stance and sound analysis of geopolitics, describes the power of the Israel lobby in American foreign policy and government in general terms in this 10 minute video with great clarity.

This power over the Anglo-sphere isn’t limited to the American government either. In the very recent elections in the United Kingdom, the issue of sovereignty (especially with regard to immigration) continues to divide and trip up British politics over what is summarized simply as BREXIT. It has culminated in a sweeping conservative majority party election with UK’s Boris Johnson taking the mantle of Prime Minister. Was his first act in office to address the populist will of his countrymen and women by immediately setting to work addressing the issue of sovereignty in spite of the desires of the bureaucrats of the European Union? No, it was to pass an anti-free speech, anti-freedom of association “Anti-BDS” law! Sounds like his work is done now that he got the most important issue that concerned his voters most out of the way! The influence this faction holds is as incredible as it is vast.

The problem with subversion is that you cannot promote a position or idea without eventually revealing the true nature of your advocacy as I am inclined to believe Mr. Kahn has. One cannot, in good faith, simultaneously hold the position that “women cannot easily predict the effect of a decision more than one step ahead” (ref 12a) without also coming to the conclusion that principled men who are better suited to recognize complex dangers and external threats have a natural role to fill as protector of women and thus protector of their respective society’s culture and traditions that are expressed by and through the natural pairing of men and women. What harms one will inevitably harm the other and thus their respective society. So, as I mentioned earlier, his recommendations in full recognition of inherent female behavior and limitations, to exploit them when it profits you via material acquisition or sexual gratification is absolutely --haram-- base.

I should amend my previous statement and add that this type of advocacy for exploitation with full knowledge of FI and the consequences of female promiscuity actually can be recommended by someone who’s goal is in fact to increase the damage to the culture in question OR promote an r-selected polygamous society which should amount to exactly the same thing in the judgment from Christian values, justifiable condemnation.

I also think it is somewhat insulting that Mr. Kahn, similarly to women, does not appear to believe that his readers can predict what the consequences will be beyond more than one step for an even greater majority holding and acting upon such a base modus operandi. By advocating for men to direct the same mentality of exploitation synonymous with the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit that was used to weaken and destroy the cultural traditions of the West which kept female hypergamy in check and ultimately resulted in a high-quality society worth investing in, this advocacy only serves to propagate and accelerate the irreversible replacement of the global minority ethnic-European people and their inherent cultural value system which is responsible for the greatest number of contributions to the ATOM I will add.

In addition, normalizing and advocating exploitation will also continue to result in disgenic wealth transfer (see the Idiocracy effect), and more overt forms of taxation and imposed state control as otherwise potentially good women are permanently damaged (ref 11biii) by said exploitation and become even more susceptible to the allures of radical feminism and the toxic universal acceptance/tolerance so heavily promoted by the Cultural Marxists who are always eager for more government dependents among other things. But hey, as long as white women are converting to Islam (ref 20f), it’s all gravy, no? Gotta love that not-so-subtle dig.

Unfortunately, for the MGTOWs, of which I am sympathetic to and have counted myself part of, the logical conclusion to this rather deliberate social experiment is bleak from a biological and psychological point of view. If, as an MGTOW, you do manage to find meaning in your life or value outside of fulfilling the biological imperative and living as God intended, congratulations to you. For those who want to fulfill the traditional biological imperative and leave behind a strong k-selected society better than you found it, it’s going to be a rough road ahead.

Speaking of value, how does one put in so much work describing the Misandry Bubble as well as the follow-up 10 years later and miss the forest for the trees so completely by not taking a couple more steps back in order to better assess and represent the engine that powers this subversion and resultant distortion in the natural order of human economic interaction? I’m talking specifically about the mechanics of Fiat currency.

All this talk of female nature, of legitimately-biased government spending, and no mention how the about how all of this Misandric distortion is fueled beyond “the federal reserve prints money.” I invite any remaining readers to think for a minute about the basis of not just the American government currency, but how every single countries’ currency valuation has been predicated on speculative future value of their collective labor output and subsequent speculative ability to repay incurred debts at arbitrarily determined level of interest by the roughly 600 professional academic halfwits that Kartik graciously highlights above. This is a scam of biblical proportions and enables evil, yes I’m going to unironically and quite naturally resort to moralistic judgments and rightly impose the Christian spectrum of good and evil in this matter. Fiat currency is anti-Christian, anti-male, anti-freedom, it is a subversion and mockery of value, of free markets (of which absolutely no longer exist in the broadest sense), and is 100% of the enabler of social engineering on a global scale.

In this system, at the very base level, every economic interaction conducted in fiat is not an exchange of inherent value, but one of debt. Think about the philosophical implications of such a system. If I give you fiat, not only are you transacting in the speculative human work output (GPD) of future generations, but said “commodity” is constantly being devalued by an out-of-control printing press currently in the throes of QE4 while also enabling deficit spending and wealth transfer at levels never before seen in human history (all spending passed by legislators who don’t even read the bills I will also add). Additionally, the total amount of debt outstanding simply serves to grant more power and privilege to the printing press’s private owners as nations become further indebted to masters not beholden to any collective “democratic” will (of which you now know is one of fabrication by those who control and manufacture narrative) of any country in which these grand financial schemes operate.

There is another definition or term for one who is beholden to another via an economic debt. You guessed it, Slave. This is not a system of meritocracy or of liberation or freedom (of association) in which the commodity you trade has inherent value and the recipient of which is owed no future obligation, no, this is a system of servitude in which a complex management system of graft whose value is actively managed and whose adminsitration is set up to benefit an extremely small minority of international banking elites. This system is inherently anti-Christian (how does the Bible treat usury?) as it is antithetical to responsible living, independence, self-sufficiency, you know, typical traditional American values. The other people who flourish in this system are the most ignorant who are incapable of assessing risk, the already wealthy/landed who can tolerate just about any level of risk, and the connected or subversives who scam for a living anyway.

Under such a system, what chance does any disenfranchised minority group have at expressing their sovereignty through freedom of association contrary to desires of the masters of coin when virtually all economic transaction fundamentally does not grant any such freedom? Rhetorical. ‘Something, something, I care not who makes the laws… -Rothschild’. Come on, you probably already know the quote, and you probably already know the responsible parties who met in secret to conspire to create the Federal Reserve cementing in place in 1913 the mechanism in which accountability for debts is deferred, indefinitely it now appears (until it’s all blown to Kingdom-come that is). This is the engine of Cultural Marxism, of social engineering, of forced multi-culturalism and thus heightens and empowers chaotic female nature and fuels the Misandry Bubble. To ignore these facts in a grand assessment of the Misandry Bubble is very peculiar and not something I would expect with Imran’s level of undertanding to miss.

Nearing the end of what has become a rather lengthy essay, I will be explicit and honest in what I advocate and what my position is in attempting to raise awareness to the issues I asserted.

Ethnic-European Christians, like any other ethnic/racial group, have the god-given right to self-determination, the right to free expression including criticism of Israel and Jewish behavior as well as the right to criticize any and all subversive elements that work against our value system, and finally, we have the right to freedom of association. This means that if we choose not to live amongst others that do not share our values, these outsiders will not be forced upon us by an outside authority as has become the custom of post-modern society welfare state. This is a matter of dignity, safety, and most importantly, sovereignty, none of which is currently respected or maintained in current societal and economic status quo. What does this mean in terms of potential courses of action to the disenfranchised members who identify with some of the issues I’ve discussed?

Find a defensible position and exercise your right to freedom of association. I disagree strongly with Imran’s characterization of Conservatives desire for “Calexit” (ref 19e) or of calculated retreat as shameful. Just because you want to leave an indefensible position like California in which an insane amount of taxes are stolen from the product of your labor to fund the subsitence of an ever-growing amount of people you likely have little in common, does not mean you should go down with the ship to prove your manhood now that you’ve become aware of incompatibility of the living conditions. What’s especially damning about Imran’s condemnation (of Conservatives once again) is that he’s using exactly the shaming language he calls out (ref 11cxi) feminists and links to, specifically the Charge of Cowardice (Code Yellow). This completely contradicts some of his other pieces of sound advice with respect to the risks men face in gynocratic society under the realities of the Misandry Bubble and Marriage 2.0, INCONGRUENT.

Let me ask you this, would you rather storm the beach of Normandy on D-day or marry a single mother with 2 kids and over 50 sexual partners? If you answered neither, you have arrived at the correct calculus in recognition of both choices having terrible cost-to-benefit ratios. I will reiterate, if you are in an indefensible position, make it your goal to find a defensible one hopefully among people that you can be proud of association with.

Some more practical advise, use sites like and if you are in the US to compile a list of states based on the features you’re interested in selecting for such as 2nd amendement laws, demographics, state debt burden, income and property taxes, population growth, etc. in an excel program to compare and down-select to states where you might seek relocation and employment if needed. Once you’re situated in a defensible location, then you can worry about activism and making sure your new home doesn’t fall to the pervasive influences of Cultural Marxism.

Now here’s a few of my very predictable predictions for the 2020s:

-Thanks to the post modern printing press, this decade will be host to a mass awakening amongst the subverted peoples who are currently in decline and have been the primary target in many ways including campaigns of psychological demoralization by the forces responsible for the Misandry Bubble. The internet will be further subject to ratcheting dystopian measures of censorship in a futile attempt to stem this awakening (see Russia’s recent disconnection, China’s increasing demands and influence over international Western corporations suppressing criticism of their state, and all Silicon valley tech giants’ increasing heavy-handed and arbitrary enforcement of partisan policies as examples of the coming censorship). In addition, state-proclaimed wrong-think will have increasingly devastating real-world consequences as the increase in authoritarian influence upon the masses rises proportionally to the increase of access and amount of collective knowledge made available to the masses.

-Multiculturalism will result, as it always has in human history, in continued conflict, suffering, and an eventual conquering by a dominant faction at most locales where the experiment runs (evident through birthrates alone) or more, positively, by the successful assertion by freedom-loving communities in their right to freedom of association through political secession. For a conclusive host of over 100 fully-sourced studies supporting this assertion in a very easy to read fashion, see this .pdf link titled “Biological Ethnocentrism: The Negative Impact of Racial and Ethnic Diversity Upon Societies and Individuals.”
In addition, Imran himself also advises against any conversion of Western men to Islam for completely valid reasons (ref 20h), which begs the rather rhetorical question (at this point in the discussion); why should America or the West in general accept the immigration of Muslims when it is evident not only will they not assimilate, but they also would not accept the assimilation of ethnic foreigners into their culture as Imran has correctly asserted? Indeed.

-A worldwide crisis of confidence in fiat currency resulting in extremely disruptive commodity shortages, physical conflict, sporadic starvation, and a very nervous ruling class that will call and lead the charge for a radical re-imagining of global governance in which centralized control would be established under a worldwide currency shedding any pretenses and illusions of sovereignty remaining in the legacy federal reserve currency scam we have all been collectively subject to for over the last 100 years. This plan is likely ready to go on stand-by, has already been brokered by each countries elite classes. Misandry and feminism will be the least of our problems when the inflection point occurs.

At the end of the day, Mr. Kahn’s culminating rhetoric, base recommendations (admitedly cherry-picked which served to taint my interpretation of some of the valuable information he shared), and enthusiastic condemnations of Conservatives did not strike me as the rhetoric of a particularly devout or holy religious man. In fact, if I had to posit a guess at the risk of sounding excessively rude (have I not succeeded in offending over 50% of readers thus far?), I would suspect he was ethnically Jewish using a Middle-Eastern moniker as a ruse. Why do I say this? Some of the favorite past times of ethnically Jewish social media denizens (aka the blue check mark brigade) is insulting --white males-- --Christians-- Conservatives as well as creating conflict and stoking the manufactured fire between Christianity and Islam. This piece by Imran Kahn, while certainly erudite, eventually, (lengthy) leaves me with this impression.

I once posited, quite --autistically-- publicly, in my first freshman college English-Lit course that the author of a poorly written and rather whiny book we were assigned passages from in class (which I have long since forgotten the name of) was in fact disabled and fat based on her rhetoric alone (it was some proto-SJW drivel and we’re talking 15+ years ago). The class was mortified, I can still picture it, haha- but I pressed on determined to make my point to my excessively obese and perspiring elder student-professor in the spirit of free speech and discussion. You see, I naively believed I was finally in the presence of the erudite elite and pure logic could finally be valued above social convention. Well, I was quite spectacularly wrong in my naivety as you can imagine. But you know what, about the physical characteristics of the author of that “book,” it turned out.. I was fucking right.


H.M. Icarus,

It is pretty evident to me that Imran is trying to get Western white guys to do better. He is advocating Game. He also says Christianity has the right idea, but has been gutted and filled with feminism, so is no longer Christianity.

He links to Dalrock extensively in support of his attack on cuckservatives, so I think you are way off about his goals.

Kay Lu

Very good stuff. One critical factor not mentioned: trending obesity.


It’s a shame Imran has retired, id really like more comment on exactly how a bursting of the bubble will play out in real time day to day interactions with women.

Obviously we won’t be holding doors for them anymore, but some of us stopped doing that two decades ago.

There is the Male utility that they all take for granted, doing all the shit jobs, repairing stuff etc.. if they had to pay the full market rate for all the stuff they get for free because vagina then that would be a wake up.

Something as simple as the bulk of men ignoring them on social media (ie not liking their posts) would cause a huge meltdown. Simply withdrawing from the market would do it if enough men changed how they acted.


Post-first world...

Living in Toronto for several years, my standard of living has declined, while my friends in Latin America (except Venezuela) have started families, own houses and have careers.

Why did I leave my country to live as a single, undatable and unemployed person in Canada?

The racism in Canada is also growing that I'm lumped together with Arabian refugees...



I know you're a VR shill but this is just intellectually dishonest.

How clueless could you be? Well, given that you provided exactly zero points to support your bogus assertion, it is safe to say you don't know anything about technology.

No one who knows anything about technology thinks 'bots' are happening before VR sex.

Jen Farmer

The only quibble I have is this:

We know leftists and feminists are very prone to claiming someone raped them, molested them, "eye raped" them, etc.

We know this for a fact, and we wholeheartedly, 100%, believe all "victims" of the left because they accused a male feminist?

I need more evidence than he said/she said. I will never "just believe her", even if she's a leftist shitting on a male feminist.

Imran Khan

Jen Farmer,

Yes, everyone should have due process, even a 'male feminist'. False accusations are about 40%, as per most police departments.

It is jarring how uneven justice is. Aziz Ansari got in trouble just for not being adept at seduction. But Harvey Weinstein should have gotten in trouble with the law over 20 years ago.

Stephen Murray

Hi Kartik and Imran, great article, worth waiting a decade foe

Question to Kartik, in 1(f) above, you explain that demand for materially intensive things creates inflation? I am not an economist, so could you perhaps explain why this happened, as it would better illustrate why materially non intensive things (software) have the opposite effect.

Regards and thanks.

2020 WW3 Feminazi

It's legal for a femoid teacher to strip nude for minor students in UK, Canada and Australia. Foid teachers are challenging the indecency laws even if they were caught showing their coochies to their underage students on Pornhub.


Teacher Nicole Ryan hires hitman to kill ex husband Supreme Court:


Men with higher minds have no reason to partake in society now, as they are looked at as scum by the anglob*tch compared to men who are 6'3 chiseled face and tattooed.

The population will be totally and utterly replaced by immigrants, and Anglosphete cities will become the third world.


David: You are an absolute fucking moron. I never made any predictions on sexbots coming out before VR sex. I called Imran out on his ridiculous claim that sexbots haven't progressed since 2010. Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit, is it?

Today's sexbots have facial expressions, eyes that move and blink, simulated human body temperature, conversational abilities, the ability to moan, smart sensors that react to your touch, and other features that weren't available in fucking 2010.

Kill yourself.



I never made any predictions on sexbots coming out before VR sex.

Then why do sexbots matter at all? If you have a point, you may want to disclose it.

Today's sexbots have

So all you are saying is that sexbots were supposedly 10 years away a decade ago, but now are 'just' 9 years away, and will actually arrive by the year 2100. I wouldn't call that 'major progress' or even minor progress. Why should anyone follow this dead end at all?

Kill yourself.

That is your reaction to being corrected about engineering concepts? You sound like a happy person who should be listened to.


So all you are saying is that sexbots were supposedly 10 years away a decade ago, but now are 'just' 9 years away, and will actually arrive by the year 2100.

I never said that at all. My argument is that sexbots have come a long way in recent years. Ten years ago, you could not order your own customizable AI robot for a few thousand dollars or euros. Ten years ago, sex robot brothels didn't exist. Ten years ago, smart skin and self-lubricating technology didn't exist and neither did any of the features I mentioned in my previous response. At the current rate of development, you won't have to wait until the year 2100 or even 2030 for robots that are capable of outcompeting women. Already you are seeing feminist outrage towards sexdolls and sexbots that was unheard-of back in 2010 because the primitive technology that existed back then didn't pose any threat.

Then why do sexbots matter at all?

Because they provide an increasingly realistic alternative to women that could play a critical role in popping the Misandry Bubble by placing a long-overdue check on women's out-of-control SMV/RMV. The same women who have benefited from past technological developments (like birth control pills and hookup apps) are now rightfully fearful of pro-male technological advances (like sexbots, artificial wombs, and to a lesser extent virtual reality) causing the pendulum to finally swing the other away.

That is your reaction to being corrected about engineering concepts?

You have done nothing to counter my arguments so far.



You have done nothing to counter my arguments so far.

I did correct you. Since VR will happen long, long before sexbots (and be cheaper and harder to ban), sexbots aren't worth talking about at all.

All the 'tech advancements' you list were said by people years ago. There has been little to no progress. 'Sexbots' are the jetpacks of this era - advocated by people who can't separate science fiction from practical realities.

even 2030 for robots that are capable of outcompeting women.

I wish there were a way we could force you to risk money on this entirely wrong prediction.

But again, you are someone who says "kill yourself" to people who correct you, on top of your prediction being one no knowledgeable people are willing to get behind. Why should anyone listen to you?


There has been little to no progress.

Show me an example of robots like these being developed back in 2010. You can't.

Among the latest developments are 3D vision, human-like sitting posture, and breathing capabilities.

So yeah, the robotics industry hasn't been stagnant - to say the least - and to argue otherwise is to be deliberately obtuse.

I wish there were a way we could force you to risk money on this entirely wrong prediction.

Well, maybe I will put my money where my mouth is and purchase shares in a robotics company this week. I'll also be present in the comments section of the 2030 Misandry Bubble update should one be posted.

Come back when you have any real arguments or refutations instead of unsupported naysayerism.


I have been wondering if a nation state can even back out of FI-domination of everything in government, at all.

I mean, if the entire feminism-financing wealth transfer were even slightly reversed, tons of useless women, who are too old to reproduce, and too unattractive in any event, are totally useless. But they can still vote. Technological progress allows deficit spending higher than anyone thought, but beyond that merely being a wasted opportunity cost, there is no indication that they don't want to go see how high they can go until a major debt crisis.

Emo Kid

The same women who have benefited from past technological developments (like birth control pills and hookup apps) are now rightfully fearful of pro-male technological advances (like sexbots, artificial wombs, and to a lesser extent virtual reality) causing the pendulum to finally swing the other away.

The pendulum is not going to swing the other way. We are not dealing with rational people. They have started a war on men, and the only route that wars end is through destruction and harm to men until society collapses.

The future of men in a feminist city like Toronto is destitution, homelessness and eventually death:

Jack Sahel

After almost a decade, I thought that the bubble would burst and everything would be nearly back to get a normal life, next to a woman to form a marriage like my grandfather and father did in their time. However, it hasn't happened. Could it be that we were also transformed by all the events of the past decade? Could it be that we stopped believing in the fantasy of marriage and love for the cruel and raw truth that the women of our generation made us live? Most likely. Perhaps.

For instance, all my friends are now bitter persons thanks to their ex-wives. They're all professionals. From doctors to engineers. But none of them could lived up to their wives' unrealistic expectations, that’s the truth.

What does that tell you? Was it them that had the problem? I assure you, they don’t. For those poor bastards, the reality and truth were determined from fantasies and lies thrown to women in popular media.

And yet 2020 has come.

It is sad to see not only men but a new generation of children separated from their loved ones.

Women of my generation, however, are there. Fat, growing old, thinking like they deserve everything. Dying and slowly killing all the people that surround them. They never will know how to be daughters, sisters, mothers or wives. They, perhaps, will never know their true value in society.

Personally, I think the bubble burst is in slow motion. The rate of change of time, the speed, is now slower for you and I. To choose between an incredible and enjoyable opera or to see Dantesque scenes is up to you. That’s a decision that I think some of us gained in the 2010 “process”.

Emo Kid

Jack Sahel,

I had a dream last night talking with people in the year 2010. I asked them what was different "that time" compared to today.

One word: Tinder.

Dating apps, online Tumblr feminism and global cultural shifts have made life worse for men.

The Arab Spring of 2011 and the influx of refugees into the 1st world have also created and fostered hate against ethnic males who were born in the 1st world.

Life for a single, ethnic male in 2020 is that of suicidal despair. Unlike a white male, he cannot just pack his bags and try to expatriate to the less and less male-friendly countries.

"Gender relations" are not going to go back to normal unless you find a wife living in a remote jungle.

Feminism and hypergamy are diseases and cancer which has been spreading to the world. Where and when it ends is only known as societal collapse.

The Soviet Union and East Germany lasted for decades, until it quickly collapsed after years of stagnation.

The feminist society will reach a peak bubble (which hasn't happened yet, contrary to what some might think), and then it will decline, and then quickly collapse.



There’s no doubt that sexbots have come a long way. They’re not everywhere in the same way that porn is, and they won’t progress as fast as VR porn but there’s no doubt that they’re coming, and progressing.

I’ve got a theory that men are chemically built to bond with “whatever” they’re fucking if the physical cues of fertility are there. Slim but slightly wider hips and big tits are genetic indicators of health, and I think it’s subconscious.

That’s how frankly horrible toxic women have men queuing up if they’re hot. Men are programmed by the visual to the exclusion of most other metrics including being bloody horrible (and / or being plastic).

There are suggestions that in some of the brothels, the sexbots are more popular than the real women and I could easily see this playing out where a lot of men totally leave the market.

As a man in my 50’s who has been successful with women through the bulk of my life (N of over 200 but 2 divorces) I’ve hit the stage where I’ve stopped chasing women to a large extent. A friend suggested that I had low T and I should get checked because it wasn’t “normal” to lose interest.

I got checked and I’m borderline high T so it isn’t that. It is that I’ve genuinely lost interest in the very vast majority of women that society says are age appropriate, and even the bulk of ones younger then me.

So it is changing quite a lot, and I think it’s Tinder that’s been a big driver. Most men get absolutely no action except the ones at the top who get loads. Most women can get laid by a man that won’t commit or even call them back.

I don’t think it will end well, because there are strong signs that most younger women now are totally incapable of consolidating on “commitment” from a man.

Basically we’re at a stage where women will have to work until they drop exactly like men have done for centuries. They’re in denial about this, but I think it hits them at about 42. This is a few years after Tinder totally stops working for them.


@ Jack Sahel

“all my friends are now bitter persons thanks to their ex-wives. They're all professionals. From doctors to engineers”

So they’re all about my age, and in practical terms have removed themselves from the market. They will have been taken to the cleaners once or twice, but they still have substantial earning capability, and probably some assets.

They will have reached the same conclusion I have which is that if I stick at it I’ll probably make a decent retirement, but if they get wiped out again it’ll be shit.

I doubt very much that these men will participate in another round of wealth transfer.

Some will learn game and will get access to sex, others will get laid because the women are desperate but I doubt that any are dumb enough to go again with co habitation.

This is what you see in midlife dating. A cohort of women that are absolutely obsessed with “commitment”, not looking for “time wasters”.

Why is it they’re so obsessed with “time wasters”?

I had to really think about that, and it’s because they’re very aware that they’re a depreciating asset, and an increasing liability so they need to consolidate on provisioning before they can’t.

Iowa Slim

I found this article last night. Very good. I noticed that the author heavily cited Dalrock's content. Dalrock went silent from Christmas until yesterday, when he announced that he will discontinue his blog and likely either delete it or make the archive private. It's speculation on my part, but his brief post had the sound of being written by someone who had been gotten to and threatened with negative repercussions. That's nearly ten years worth of content that's about to be scrubbed and removed from the sight of men who are looking for knowledge and support. A private online bachelors' community I frequent stopped accepting new members a while ago. They came close to shutting it down and deleting it last month over similar concerns.

I don't blame the author of this article for swearing off further public involvement in this topic area. I'm also grateful to those who soldier on and push ahead. People are being threatened with personal and professional destruction for having Impermissible Opinions these days. The flak is thickest when you're over the target.



I read your comment. And the links. Especially the one with the book the Jewish Revolutionary spirit.

My question to you, Why are the Jews so overrepresented in the entertainment and media industry? This has literally been true from the moment the big studios were established by Jewish moguls in the 1920s up to today. Why?

And, why are the jews also very highly represented in the writing field?
Why is it that the jews were the driving force behind the frankfurt school? Why have these jews played such a huge role in all these areas? What is the game plan here? What are they hoping to achieve? Is all of this planned or did it just happen to organically unfold?


Hey people.

I've read the articles on this blog that discuss the state of gender relations. I've also read about how dismal dating and relationships are these days generally speaking. I've seen statistics about marriages and divorce. I've read opinions, articles published on blogs, magazines like quilette about the whole redpill thing. I'm quite young btw and I can't seem to make head or tail of this thing. I'll be honest that I don't have anyone in real life to discuss this with and find out how much truth there is to all this, because most men and women I know don't see things this way. I've also been on many forums where I've got diverse answers from men and women - while some agree with what's written in this article, some have a balanced view,some are fence-sitters, others outright call it misogyny, they call it bitter men projecting their hate onto the world because they can't deal with women's freedom. I've also seen men use examples like this -> "Mitochondrial DNA has proved beyond a shadow of doubt that most of the men born throughout the whole history of the human species have not fathered children, whereas most females have born children. So who was getting all the sex and fathering all the children?
The answer is those males that had all the above attributes, and strangely enough that meant they were risk takers, because taking calculated risks, and succeeding was, and still is, the main way to attain what women want in a mate.
Interestingly this meant they were inadvertently breeding risk taking males. For example: When was the last time you heard about a group of women, sitting down together, designing and building a boat, then sailing off in it to make their fortune? ……The vast majority of young women behave just like their mothers, and sit at home waiting for a successful male to come along and impregnate them".

I've seen women come up with long counter arguments and saying things like "red pillers are just bitter and they take their frustrations out on women. This will blow way soon. Online are infested with bitter men unfortunately"

And they've said stuff like "Red Pillers have problems with women (I think they have problem with their moms) and so they want to take control of what women should do with their bodies, it’s sickening and sad. What women would want to date a Red Pill male.. I don’t think anyone wants to date them".

All in all I've seen men blame the women and women getting defensive and outright denying all of it saying it's all misogyny and bro-science. I've literally heard it all. I don't know which side of the argument to trust. I feel like there's a grey area and the answer lies in between. I also don't subscribe to any ideologies like RP because I usually like to see if it fits with my real life experience first. And so far there's been very little evidence in support of that. Frankly it all seems like the culprit is the negative aspects of human nature that are being brought out in our society in both men and women that is causing all this decades-long drama.

I'm just trying to figure out what is the real deal. What is the truth? Like the real truth. No hiding behind excuses. No generalizations. No pseudoscience. Not the half-baked truth. What is really going on?


Holy hell! The Misandry Bubble actually DID pop in 2020! Only about 90 days later than predicted 10 years prior.

What a prediction!

It seems that the Coronavirus pandemic exposed all these stupid women for how fragile their existence was. Their bullshit jobs are being evaporated, they have no savings, and can't hide within a group anymore.

Even feminists agree :

"The Coronavirus is a Disaster for Feminism" - the Atlantic

Captain Capitalism has it right :

We knew the time would come, and it came pretty much right on schedule!!


Re-reading section 21(i) in light of the Coronavirus...

"i) While only a few countries are P1W countries, and have only been so for a short time (I would say 2006 was when the US formally crossed the P1W threshold), the outcome of this remains to be seen."

... sadly, I wonder if we'll discover the outcome sooner than we thought. It's pretty obvious that, nowadays, the most competent countries in the world are in the Far East. Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong have kept the Coronavirus under control without completely tanking their economies through various combinations of vigorous contact checking and testing, getting everyone to wear masks, checking everyone for fevers, etc. Countries in Europe haven't been doing so well, sadly. As of this writing, the results in the US still remain to be seen. I hope things turn out all right, but I'm not particularly confident that they will.


In Canada, criticizing women could be classified as terrorism.

My life expectancy is lower in Toronto

Toronto is post-first world. Toronto is a costly city but men are dying in silence.

Rents are C$1850 for a one-bedroom apartment in a suburb 45 mins from the downtown core by transit,

university graduates starting wages are working for unpaid interns or minimum wage C$14/hr,

99.9% of Torontoized women hate the bottom 99.9% of men unless they can gain something from the relationship,

a man has to be at least 6 foot tall. It's common for 4ft 5 Pakistani FOB femigrants to settle for no less than a 6 foot white Chad.

Sub 8 men are committing suicide and dying in silence. Those who fight back against the fempire are labelled as "incel terrorists".


People are being threatened with personal and professional destruction for having Impermissible Opinions these days. The flak is thickest when you're over the target.
Criticizing women in Canada is considered "terrorism", and Canada is a feminist country which discriminates against the bottom 99% of men.


This site is back! It was out for so long that I stopped going to it. I’m happy to see a post by both authors.

Gartik Gada made an interesting point about the factor of physical attractiveness of Indians in India. I’ll admit I found this perplexing as well. Plenty of other Asian cultures have very attractive immigrants coming over here (in their own way, but with key attractiveness features that are understood to be beautiful by others). I’m white, so talking about this without being called a racist is difficult. I am inclined to blame the vegan/vegetarian heavy diet. The reason for this is the utter lack of protein in plants that humans need to maintain their muscle tone and suppleness of the skin. Furthermore, the added sugar in India’s diet is not doing wonders when it comes to seeing more slender Indians. I’ve seen Indian-Americans dressed in their beautiful clothes... only to hide the rolls of lard underneath... this is actually quite tragic.

I do think that as India becomes wealthier, it will result in greater consumption of fish and chicken, alleviating this problem somewhat. I hope.

Also, there is the insular nature of Indians. The lack of integration is also sad. I think a large part is a lack of incentive. If you have friends and family and others that you can easily get your socializing done without putting in the effort to make new friends. But I’m at a total loss as to what else could be behind this behavior.

Also, while the Indians in the US are not the intellectual elite, they are the entrepreneurial elite. As was said, they run a number of businesses that make life easier and unsurprisingly make good money doing this. This benefits the US overall.

Lastly, thee questions:

1 - Why do you think that visiting India is a bad idea up until 2025? Is it the lack of infrastructure? Crime?
2 - You said that India is will not be read for the attention that it will receive, what do you mean? Could you please elaborate on this topic?
3 - How successful is Amazon penetrating the Indian market? The relative youth of the population makes them a tantalizing market, I’d like to know more about this.


My comment above the diet of Indians is purely a hypothesis. I am fully aware that I could be entirely wrong on this topic.


Lesson: White woman walk naked on the street and call police:
It took a gay African-American descendant to put a stop to we believe survivors lying white woman bull zit.


The Misandry Bubble of white woman has popped:

Feminism is being dismantled because of white woman. Lying white whores will think twice before making a false accusation. God Bless those LGBT minorities. I never thought that being a gay or transgender would afford so many rights and privileges. It makes me believe that the Bible is garbage and Christianity, Islam and Judaism are the works of Satan, just ike the idol worshiping religions of Hinduism and Buddhism.


Why are Canadian women obnoxious when they live in the States? Was Roosh Vee right to declare that Toronto is the worst city for men? Why doesn't one see a French-Canadian woman act this Karenish way in the USA?

Toronto women, especially white women, are the worst breed of women. What is it that they teach in Canadian schools? Is it true that female teachers send police on male students when she strips naked for sex-ed classes?

By the way, that Jacksonville teacher who shoved a dildo up her ass was actually Carlyle Jansen, a sex-ed teacher from Toronto.


Anita Sarkeesian (who isn't even attractive) received $158,000 from beta dupes just to produce 12 videos that most people could produce for free. I can't blame her for harvesting the beta males who were begging for it.

That's sooooo 2010.

The 2020s trend is for cucks to pay at least a grand for a "exclusive video" from a Twatter.


1 - Why do you think that visiting India is a bad idea up until 2025? Is it the lack of infrastructure? Crime?

India has a nationalist problem and a dispute with China over the border. It's a s-hole. Lots of Indian men and women under the age of 30 are fleeing India.

Chuck Norris

Quote: "the only Islamic countries that mandate burqas happen to be absolute monarchies, which are under 10% of Islamic nations."

Ironically, those countries are allies of the United States, such as Saudi Arabia.

The hatred for Islam (and brown people in general, including Mexicans) is becoming legitimized by POTUS Donald Trump. Yet, the cuckservative Boomer would PayPal thousands of dollars to a thot who sells her bath water, urine.

Nouriel Roubini

Roubini: 'My prediction for a Great Depression is not about 2020, but the decade of the 2020s'

Ron Meghan

A Bubble did pop in 2020, and that was the phony stock market and QE Bubbles. This decade will see another prick of the recent QE and the middle class liquidity transfer (covid unemployment checks).

Golden Trudeau

Cobid unemployment cheques ain't zit compared to the bailouts of the (((corporations))) in the trillions of dollars. The COVID cheques pay the rent to the (((landlords))) and (((grocery stores))). No one is getting rich off covid cheques unless they were illegal refugees from Mexico or some zit.


The medical profession is becoming feminist:
Using the feminist logic, is it okay for me, a blue collar worker to come to work as a KKK uniform or wear a Hitler moustache?!


5 months ago
Working hard in my 20s and saving enough to put a downpayment on a property in Toronto Ontario Canada, was something I regret. I thought being a young male bachelor would have put me on an attractive scale for women. What a lonely decade of my life. If I could go back. I would have invested elsewhere. Cannot wait to leave.


Millions of dollars lost because of a feminist in Canada:

Gen Z

In England, if a man tries to stop a woman from showing her breasts or her front hole to a minor, the man gets charged for a sex crime and breaching the Public Order Act.

Gen Z

Feminist doctors are permitted to be naked with children:


In Toronto, it's legal for a female teacher to show her poon to underage students. However, if she feels harassed by her students, Toronto Police are called to warn the students and the parents that they will be charged for criminal harassment.

Ben Garrison

The modern Canadian woman must be a dog shagging pedo then. Shame on Justin Trudeu!


The misandry bubble is clutching at straws in Toronto, Canada:
A wealthy businessman will have to pay more than $50,000 a month in spousal support for 10 years to a woman with whom he had a long-term romantic relationship even though they kept separate homes and had no children together, Ontario’s top court has ruled.

This is insane.


The misandry bubble did not pop in Canada. Feminism and man-hating are acceptable by law.
Meanwhile, Justin Castro imports thousands of ISIS combatants and child soldiers to live in Canada.


I wonder how Marc Lepine would have predicted since the 80s that modern feminism would mutate into a pro-capitalist and anti-sex movement? A female teacher in Canada is allowed to teach nude, but a sex worker is banned from having clients.

Evan Woodman

COVID did pop the stock market bubble temporarily, but the Anglo empire inflated it again with cheap money and free money for the women.

Men are the losers in this game. As an atheist all of my life, I'm beginning to believe that the only hope for disenfranchised men is God.

Waterworld 360

Eventually they'll kill off or put in prison all the men that would have them lol. Just stay clear gentlemen.
I read that in Poland there trying to start a "Bachelor Tax". So much for white nationalism and muh 1488!

Female teachers in Canada are protected by police when parents complain that the school board lets female teachers show their vajeejays to their Grade One students for health education. It will only get worse. More and more women will end up unmarried and governments will eventually notice this. A bachelor tax is inevitable honestly. If you have enough money move to South East Asia or to Pluto.
I just found a 44 year old Tinderella that states:

“Attracted to most but super attracted to 6ft+....(I’m 5’3)”

So she's only super attracted to only 14.4% of the male population at an age were there are more single women than men.

John Calhoun

Toronto is imposing a post-feminist Orwellian police state:

Stanley Ray Main

Life changing read, took me more than a couple of hours to read everything in one sitting. Very relevant information. THANKS !!

Alex Jones

There is a saying in the Quran that before the end of times there would be 50 women chasing a single man. I think those days are coming soon. Dating apps have made it worse for men who aren't the top 10% in looks, height, wealth and social status.

Gen Z

Just look at the countless average women on shaking their asses in front of the camera because they know hordes of simps will come and comment compliments, follow them and jack up their view count. Also, they always make sure to post their Instagram link in their profiles to ensure the simps follow them there as well and repeat the simp behavior.

Just imagine how inflated the ego and sense of worth these women have in the real world. They must really feel like celebrities. This is truly a sickening plague that is making more and more women simply intolerable to be with since there’s no incentive to act with respect towards an average guy because she probably has 10 other simps orbiting around her that would pull a u-turn on an interstate and proceed to drive in oncoming traffic just to meet her request.

And… it’s only going to get worse. I truly feel sorry for the young men growing up now.


I want to leave Toronto. This is because I'm not a 6 foot, wealthy and property owning Chad or Tyrone. God, I pray that you help me find a way to migrate from Toronto. The majority of woemen are terrible.

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